Our Top Tips On How To Quickly Lash Difficult Parts Of The Eye

Lashing the inner and outer corners may be a bit of a struggle; but with a few really quick tricks from our experts, you will be able to handle any challenging areas without the hassle!

Tip 1:

If working with inner corners stresses you out, make sure this is the area you start working on first. Get it out of the way!

There are a few reasons for this - one, as you've just started the lash set, it will be easier for you to focus on these tiny lashes. Two, you won’t be stressing that you are running out of time, and believe me - there is nothing worse than working on the inner corners under time pressure.

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Tip 2:

Use the tape whenever you can – gently lift and pull the inner and outer corners. Don’t worry, the client won’t even notice!

When working with inner corners, cut a piece of tape and place it close and parallel to the lash line, pulling gently towards the brow arch. This technique will helps to reveal all of the hidden lashes and significantly improves your visibility when it comes to isolation. 

 Video by @veronica.rich.londonlashpro

In the outer corners, place the piece of tape perpendicular to the lash line and gently pull it upwards. This will lift the lashes that usually grows very straight or even downwards in that area. Always remember to check with a dental or lash mirror that you didn’t accidentally open the client’s eye as it may cause chemical burn or irritation. 

Picture by @anastasia_londonlashpro

Tip 3:

Always fill the top layers first! This way, after an hour of lashing you can tape some of the lashes up and reveal the bottom layers. That will give you easier access to outer corners.

These techniques will require some practice but once you figure out how to use them they are real game-changers! Let us know on Insta what other tricks would you like us to share with you on.

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