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January 07, 2019 4 min read

Speeding up your lash treatment is vital if you want to be a successful lash artist! We are not going to teach you how to do lashes as fast as possible, we are going to give you our tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary steps, which will make your job easier and a whole lot quicker😉 So without further ado, let us begin. 

  Working Station 

The organization is key!  

  •  The most important thing to consider before you begin any lash treatment is the lighting. You cannot do a full set of lashes  if you can’t see those pesky little baby lashes. We would recommend using a very bright white light, if the lighting has a yellow/orange glow to it, it makes it even more difficult to see those tiny blonde hairs, which will lead to dreaded stickies! Our favorite lights are lamps fromGlamcor, which have a number of brightness settings for best results - they are definitely worth investing in. Alternatively, a ring light will suffice for great light coverage. 
  • Next, you need to make sure your trolley is well organized with only the products you will be using on the top shelf. If your shelf is packed it is going to make it a lot harder to find the products you actually need. Anything you don’t need for the treatment, pop it on the shelves below so they are out of the way but still there if  needed. 
  • Then you want to always ensure you have a clocknearby so you can track the time it takes you, this way you will know ifyou're on track or whether you need to speed up your work.  

 Client Preparation 

It is vital that your client is properly prepared before beginning your treatment. This means: 

  • You ask your client to come with absolutely no eye makeup on. You don’t want to waste valuable time by removing unbudgeable mascara! 
  • Make sure your client goes to the bathroom before starting the eyelash application. There is nothing worse than having to stop for bathroom breaks when you’re on a mission to finish your set. 


Ensuring your client is  comfortable 

Your client being comfortable is so important if you want to speed up your work. If they are constantly wriggling about and fixing their position, it is going to make it extremely difficult for you to complete their lashes. The ideal client is one that sleeps all the way through! There a few steps you can take to ensure your client sleeps like a baby. 


  • Keep them away from caffeine! Caffeine might make your client’s eyes twitchy which will make it difficult to placelashes but can also lead to a chemical burn. Here at London Lash, we always use caffeine-free tea and coffee for clients. 
  • Ensure they are lying comfortably on the bed with a pillow and a blanket if they are  cold.
  • Always play nice, relaxing music that will help your clients drift off, after all, we don’t want them dancing away! 


Speaking of being comfortable, let’s talk about eye patches. I know a lot of people may think this step is not that important, but it can be a total game-changer! It will be so much more beneficial for you to spend 5 minutes ensuring the eyepatches are on properly than to spend 20 minutes trying to rectify something that has gone wrong at this early stage.  

  • Eyepatches must not ever be touching the waterline, this will irritate your client’s eyes, will be extremely uncomfortable and can cause chemical burns or bruising on the eyes… ouch 
  • The patches must be covering all bottom lashes if any try to escape, use tape to help keep them down. 
  • Adjust the eyepatches once the client has closed their eyes. 
  • We would recommend that you use our London lash, maximum comfort, extra thin eyepatches. Especially if you have clients with sensitive or twitchy eyes, but consider that eyepatches come in different shapes and sizes to suit a range of clients. 


ApplyingThe Lashes 

So obviously by now, most of you should know how to “apply lashes” but we are just going to give you our tips and tricks that might make your life a little easier.  

  • Start Application with the inner and outer corners then fill in the middle. A lot of artists seem to miss the corners as it can be the most difficult part, but if you start with the tricky bits, you can then finish with the easy part. Resulting in a beautiful full set.  
  • Don’t do one eye then do the other eye. With lashing, symmetry is key, so whatever you do on one eye, go and repeat on the other. I personally do 3 or 4 lashes on one eye, then 3 or 4 lashes on the other eye.  
  • Don’t spend too much time looking for the “perfect lash” to apply for an extension on. This is very common with beginners. They spend a lot of time trying to isolate the best lashes. Remember every single lash should be covered, so it doesn't matter which lash you choose to do first.  
  • Make sure your glue isn’t slow drying. We do recommend a more gradually drying glue for beginners when you’re not very confident at sticking the lashes in place, but push the boat out, give it a go - the quicker the glue dries, the quicker the treatment will be done.


The last thing I would suggest (which may seem obvious) is to put your phone away! We are all guilty of having a sneaky look at our phone whenever it lights up. Turn it off, put it in a draw. The last thing you want is for your phone to be going off non-stop when you are trying to complete your lashes! 



Why not try our pre-bonder? Our pre-bonder is a PH Neutraliser & Glue Accelerator - perfect for both beginners and advanced technicians! It helps speed up the drying time of the adhesive thus helping make your lash treatments more efficient!

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