How Lash Lifts Have Evolved And Are Standing The Test Of Time!

It’s common knowledge in the beauty industry that eyelash lifts are one of the most popular treatments for levelling up your lash game. They’re perfect for those looking for a low maintenance way to give natural lashes a more defined curl, leaving them with a thicker look and healthy finish. So where did the idea for such a transformative treatment even come from? 

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This stunning Lash Lift by Paulina Zielinska uses the InLei® Lash Filler range!

Life Before Lash Lifts

Before lash lifts were introduced, eyelash curlers were all the rage for giving our lashes a boost. While there is some debate over who invented them, according to a 1931 patent, we have William McDonell to thank. Cleverly named the Kurlash, this device was made of stainless steel and inspired by the mechanics of scissors. With their inexpensive ability to curl lashes within seconds, the Kurlash became very popular among the masses. Also during this period, a rudimentary version of mascara, usually consisting of a combination of coal dust and petroleum jelly, was highly sought after by the stylish.  

The Dawn of the Perm

The development of semi-permanent lash lifts was logically inspired by adapting the process of perming the hair on our heads. German inventor and hair extraordinaire Karl Nessler is responsible for the revolutionary invention of the perm. With his fascination for hair and his skillful practice using the Marcel hair curling technique, it was only natural for Nessler to develop a more permanent solution for curling hair. Drawing on his previous experience working in factories and an understanding of mechanics, Nessler was able to invent the first model of the electric permanent curling machine. Through much trial and error during the development stages, Nessler discovered that applying heat and soaking hair in an alkaline solution made hair porous enough to absorb additional moisture, increasing its ability to hold a curl. Thus, the permanent wave was born! 


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Perfecting the Perm

Nessler’s innovative technique for perming hair would proceed to be adapted for perming eyelashes. Similar to hair perming, eyelash perming also used a solution with the base products of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide applied to the lash, making it more porous. This would enable the perming solution to penetrate the fibre, creating a more stable curl. Then the eyelashes are stuck to a cylindrical rod placed between the lashes and eyelid with an adhesive. A plastic covering is placed over the lashes and rollers for fifteen minutes while the solution allows the hair to be manipulated into the desired curl shape, allowing the solution to break down the disulfide bonds in the lashes. After adding an activating solution, the lashes are brushed over the rods. The solutions are then removed and the lashes are combed. 

Perm Problems

While lash perms may look gorgeous (when done right), they’re not perfect. The problem with perming lashes is that the perm solutions are usually applied to the entire lash, meaning that the chance of over processing due to the strength of the chemicals in the solutions being too strong, or are left to develop for too long, could result in dry and frizzy looking lashes that can easily break off. Also, since cylindrical rods are used, this can create a more dramatic curl which could make the lashes appear shorter because they have been over-curled. 


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Lifts Save Lashes! 

For the sake of our lashes, clearly some changes and improvements needed to be made in order to fine tune the process. Due to some brilliant advancements made in science as well as the beauty industry, the lash lift treatments we know and love today were formed! Nowadays, most perm solutions have decreased the use of strong chemicals to a minimum, while still being able to gently penetrate the hair fibre without any damage to the structure, and still creating a delicate but effective perm. Another advancement made to lash lifts is the addition of an extra step within the treatment process. While previously lash perms were able to create a stable curl, they didn’t provide any nourishment for the hair. Now, a neutral finishing solution is applied to the lashes after the perm to condition and restore all the nutrients stripped during the perming process. Leaving the lashes with a silky look and healthy finish.  

Lash Filler, Who?

We’ve covered lash perms and lifts, but we’re yet to discuss the newest treatment on the block, Lash Filler. If we thought the developments made with the creation of the lash lift were ingenious, then InLei® Lash Filler takes things a groundbreaking step further! This unique new treatment was created exclusively in Italy, and is taking the beauty world by storm as this procedure thickens and nourishes natural eyelashes right from the inside, whilst adding the appearance of extra length and curl! It has been scientifically proven that the special ingredients within lash filler gently penetrate the hair, while also nourishing the hair bulb, which promotes hair growth. Lash Filler guarantees to increase eyelash diameter by up to 24% within three treatments and increases the curl of eyelashes by up to 31% in just one treatment! The solutions used for Lash Filler also contain natural hydrolyzed keratin, which is a smoothing product that regenerates and hydrates the layers of keratin already present in the hair and results in a beautiful lift to the lash with a shiny, soft finish.

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So there you have it! A brief history to give you the lowdown on lash lifts, life before them, and the genius behind them. Want to learn how to provide lash lift treatments for your clients? Check out our courses in London or 
Manchester! Learn about the process from start to finish and get to know the InLei Lash Filler range for taking lash lifts to the next level!