How to Become A Lash Tech Part 6 | Using Social Media for Business Growth

You either love social media, or you’re completely indifferent to it, but the fact of the matter is that social media content creation can be one of your biggest tools when it comes to growing an eyelash extensions business. With a lot of social media these days moving toward an algorithm system where videos and posts that might be of interest to you are front and centre in your feed, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re posting regular content which is interesting to your target audience. 

Post Videos

Video content is (at the moment at least) being pushed to wider audiences more than static images, so aim to post as much video content as possible. Not sure what to post? Here are some ideas from our social team:

  • ‘Lash with Me’ style videos go down well as they show potential clients what they can expect from you. For a first time client this is especially important!
  • Show off your thorough pretreatment routine – cleaning videos are always really satisfying so if you can get some nice shots of your pretreatment routine, you’re onto a winner. It also shows clients that you have high standards for hygiene and you care about their health and their lash retention.
  • Finished set reveals – who doesn’t love a slow blink to show off a stunning lash set?
  • Drawing your lash map. True, this one may be more for other lah techs but it goes a long way for your clients to know that you will take the time to craft a set that’s specific for them. 
  • Aftercare advice. Obviously you’ll be giving your clients aftercare advice when you see them, but why not provide some education for anyone who’s had lash extensions? They may not know the best way to look after their lash extensions so you’ll be doing them a big favour and may just make them want to book with you!

TOP TIP: When you come to upload your video to Instagram especially, ensure you take a moment to select a good, click worthy cover image that will draw people in if they’re scrolling your profile!

Try to remember that consistency in posting is key when it comes to being seen and staying at the forefront of clients’ minds. With that in mind…

Take Good Photos

Even though short-form video content like Reels and TikToks are going further on social media currently, it’s still important to get great photos of your work. Not only does it mean that you have something to post if you didn’t get to make a video but it can be used across channels very easily, but it also means that your clients can point out what kind of style they want after having seen it on your profile. Social media aside for a moment, having a photo-based portfolio of your work is a great thing to have when you come to put your business on Google, and/or when you create a website. So what makes a good lash photo?

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  • Great lighting. You need to ensure that your work can be seen! If you don’t yet have a Glamcor light to use while you’re working (we do recommend one!) you can grab clip-on lights to attach to your phone for very reasonable prices. We’re big fans of this one, because it’s nice and bright, and it’s really easy to transport!
  • Clean the lens. This is a mistake we see time and again, and one that we make frequently! Before you start your lash photoshoot, take a second just to wipe the camera lens to make sure everything is super clean and crisp!
  • Get to know your angles. It can be tricky to get to grips with how to really show off your work, but generally speaking you’ll always get a good shot if you rotate your camera slightly so that the eye is at a slightly upward angle where the inner corner is lower than the outer corner. Ensure the client is either looking into the camera, or is looking straight ahead so that their iris is in the centre. Don’t be afraid to direct where they are looking!
  • Make sure it’s in focus. It might sound obvious but really make sure that your camera is focused on the part it’s supposed to be – on the majority of smartphones now, a simple tap on the area you want in focus will get the camera in the right place, and it takes less than a second. 

Content Aside…

Other than posting great content to the feed, there are three main things you’ll want to focus on when it comes to your social media:

  • Your Bio. This is essentially you making a first impression, so be sure to include where you’re based, what you offer and how to contact you at the very least. Add emojis to break up text and keep it nice and visual and you’re onto a winner!
  • Captions. Captions are a space to show that you know what you’re talking about. If you’re showing off a lash set, add in the lashes that you used and speak a bit about the styling; if it’s about your pretreatment routine explain what you’re using and why. Basically, show that getting a lash set done with you is a whole package, and that you care about the client’s experience from beginning to end.
  • Hashtags. The rules and advice change on a weekly basis, if you care to keep up to date with it all, but the long and short of it is that hashtags get you seen by others. Did you know that a few years ago, Instagram made it possible to follow hashtags as well as accounts. This means that if someone is following a hashtag that you use, they will see your work in their feed. Try not to use more than 5 hashtags (advice from April 2023), and try to make sure they’re specific to your lash set – using the hashtag ‘girl’ or even ‘lashes’ may not get the response you want, but ‘wispylashes’ might do you more favours. 
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Update Your Story

This is almost as important, if not even more important than keeping your feed updated. Post your sets, post your reviews, post behind the scenes things so that your client base can get to know you on a more personal level – if we like someone we’re more likely to want to book with them, so give them something to get to like! Not only that, but with platforms like Instagram favouring an algorithm, compared to Facebook which is still (for the most part) quite linear, you’ll be able to get information to your clients with immediacy through your stories if you need to, so they’re always well worth utilising! 

Use Different Platforms

Different platforms means different target audiences, as well as different ways to engage and communicate with your clients. As a minimum, we’d suggest being on Instagram (that’s probably quite clear from everything else in this article) and Facebook. Instagram is largely visual, and while you can of course treat Facebook in much the same way, you can also get reviews on Facebook, which is  so important for a new business! 

That’s it! Having a good presence on social media is always a great way to engage with potential clients, and to stay up to date with trending lash styles and techniques so that you can provide the services that bring new clients to you.

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