Lash Lifts For a Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Performing a beauty treatment on a bride-to-be can sometimes be a daunting task as there’s a lot of pressure on you to get it right! However, it can be extremely rewarding being able to play a part in someone feeling like a million dollars on their big day! Lash Lifts are super popular for brides who want a more natural look and aren’t into lash extensions, but as always it’s important to follow some crucial rules to make sure everyone is happy! Have a read of our top tips for Lash Lifts before a wedding and you will never feel nervous again!


Your consultation is more important than ever when it comes to wedding prep as the chances are, your bride will want to look perfect! The usual consultation points are important such as the client’s eye shape, lash health and lash length to decide on the type of shield you will use. If you need some help with picking your shield, check out this article or if you want to learn about the InLei® Forma Shields, click here!

It’s also important to think about the type of makeup look they are going for because if your client is having a dark eye, a subtle lift will likely not give the desired result. However, if they’re having a really natural glam, then a subtle lift might be exactly what’s needed to elevate the look.

An image of a lash lift consultation

Lash Lift Trial

Not everyone thinks to do a lash lift trial before a wedding, however, we’re here to tell you that it is CRUCIAL! But why?! It is likely that your bride is having a makeup trial prior to their wedding to make sure they’re happy with the look. If they have a makeup trial with no lash lift, the makeup on the day will potentially look very different which can result in huge disappointment. A lash lift alters the curl and angle of the natural lashes and it can change the way makeup looks, particularly the eye area which adjusts the whole face! This is even more important if your client plans to wear any sort of false lashes on top. There have been some horror stories of brides getting their lash lift done after their makeup trial and being shocked by how different they look on the day. You don’t want your client to be in this position so make sure you give them the best advice possible!

An image of Lash Filler lash lift results

Patch Testing

Patch testing, as we know, is a very important part of a lash lift and is usually required before you take on any new clients regardless of whether they have had an eyelash lift before. When it comes to a wedding lash lift, we actually recommend patch testing before both the trial AND the main appointment, even if they are already a client of yours. It is a small task that will put everyone at ease and will remove the risk of any surprise allergies. It may seem like overkill but we promise you it’s worth it to cover your back. It’s also great for your client to see that you are being thorough and ensuring the best possible results for their wedding day. Imagine planning a wedding for 2 years and then walking down the aisle with red, swollen eyes?! No… neither can we.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Our final top tip for your bridal appointments is to make sure your client is fully equipped with the correct aftercare routine! Lash lift aftercare can make or break the results, meaning they could leave with a perfect eyelash lift and then send you a panicked message the next day.

It’s of course crucial that their lashes are kept dry for the first 24-48 hours, so always suggest they have their appointment at least 3 days prior to their big day as happy tears and lash lifts don’t go hand in hand! Not only this, but your bride also needs to wait up to 48 hours before they can apply any mascara to their lash lift.

Finally, recommend that your client uses a lash serum (peptide-based, not hormone-based) to maintain their eyelash lift and keep the lashes nourished. This is especially important if they’re jetting off somewhere for their honeymoon and want their lashes to continue looking flawless!

An image of lash serum for lash lift aftercare

Carrying out a treatment for someone’s wedding can be extremely daunting but don’t second guess yourself! Follow these top tips and you’re bound to have one very happy bride! If you need any more support just click the chat icon below.