Lash Supplies Bundles Introduce a New Way to Shop!

We all know how important it is for us to save a little time where we can without sacrificing the quality of our work - time saved = more time lashing, growing our business, or even just relaxing! 

We offer lots of little time saving tools already, like our Easy Fanning lashes, glue subscription service or even our glue shaker, but what we’ve just introduced will save you EVEN MORE time! 

On the surface, a product bundle may seem simple - it’s a group of products that work perfectly in tandem that you can add to your basket all in one go. That’s great in and of itself, but let’s go into all the reasons that product bundles are, essentially, one of your most powerful business tools!


Lash Supplies for Cleaning Eyelashes


Save Time

To see how much time bundles could save you, we went onto our website and first added everything a Lash tech would typically add if they were restocking their liquids and timed how long it took to add everything one by one. It took us just less than 4 minutes, which is pretty fast in itself. To add it by bundle though, it took us just 30 seconds!

That might not seem like much, but again consider how long would it take a beginner, or someone new to London Lash? 

Lash Shampoo and Lash Cleaning Brush

Generally speaking, when you don’t know a brand, you’re far more likely to spend a bit of time bouncing between products to compare them and to get to know them properly before you make your final choice. Of course, we love it when someone spends a lot of time on our site! It’s why we put so much time into things like curating our Education Hub, and making sure our product descriptions are as helpful to you as possible!

Ideally though, we know that on an average day you want to be in and out nice and fast with everything you need. Maybe you can even then spend the time you save checking out our educational blog posts or YouTube videos

Save Money

Buying your products in bundles means that you save up to 30% on those products, depending on the bundle itself. Let’s take the pretreatment bundle as an example - separately, the bundle will cost you £79.95, while as a bundle it will come to £59.99, saving you 25%. Getting your retention boosting Booster and Superbonder as a bundle means that you’ll spend £34.99 instead of £49.98, a lovely little saving of 30%! 

You also have the added bonus of not having to spend additional money on shipping when you forget something when shopping in a rush…

Eyelash Extension Retention Bundle

All in all, lash product bundles offer you a better shopping experience all round - they're faster, cheaper, and ensure that you don't forget a fundamental part of your pretreatment routine because you were rushing to check out!


Looking for more ways to save time on your lash supplies shop? Check out our glue subscription service and get 15% off the regular price of lash glue, plus FREE SHIPPING when your glue is automatically sent out!