What Are M Curl Lashes?

In the world of Eyelash Extensions, London Lash Pro has once again taken the initiative to create a product for market which innovates and gives Lash Artists the option for high quality services and results. With the new M Curl eyelash extensions, you can experience an even 'curlier' lash than D Curl, which with its straighter base creates a larger surface area along the natural lash - resulting in a better bond a very dramatic lash set. This curl will give your client's eyes an instant life with the impression of long, natural lashes.

London Lash Pro Trainer Using M Curl LashesM Curl Lashes

The M Curl is the perfect curl for straight or downwards growing natural eyelashes. Due to its dramatic curl, it has a lifting and opening effect on your client's eye shape without being too curly. Yes, this includes hooded eyes too. Due to its short base, you can apply longer lengths on the outer corners without making them droopy because of the angle at which the curl sits - upwards rather than sweeping outwards like a J or C Curl, which usually mirrors the curl of a natural lash. Perfect for a Cat Eye style. The natural lash should curl up slightly with the extension so that when you look at the lashes from the side you can’t see the natural lashes sticking out forwards, separate from the extensions. 

London Lash Pro Trainer Sabrina Using M Curl LashesLash Sets

The quality of these M Curl comes in our standard PBT polymer, which means they're durable, heat resistant to high temperatures and keep their shape. Available in our popular Mayfair range, these lashes are bold and dark with a dramatic finish.

We have used the Mayfair Faux Mink lashes in 0.07 to create a dark lash line with a subtle lift on the eye in the example photo below. We also love that these lashes have a natural matte sheen and a true black colour which is perfect for creating a classic ‘Eyeliner Look’. Overall, this curl is perfect for lash sets which require an extra lift or for clients with hooded eyes which would suit a curl to be visible and non-obstructive to their vision. M Curl lashes can be used on their own to create a full set of Classic or Volume lashes or, as a boost to any lash style with a touch of upwards lift to the outer corners.

Model Wearing London Lash M Curl LashesIf you are creating a Russian volume lashes set from M Curl lashes, we recommend the London Lash Volume Tweezers. The thick grip and weight of the tweezer will allow you to have more control, which helps to create a narrow base. Due to the ‘tick’ like the curl of the M lash, it is essential that your fans are narrow at the base. 

The M curl has become increasingly popular and is now one of our favourites. So why not spice up your lash life and try the new M Curl lashes? Add variety to your sets and choice for your clients!