How To Create A Gorgeous Set Of Eyeliner Effect Lashes

Are you ready to give your clients’ eyes that standout look? We've stumbled upon a lash mapping style that's making waves in the beauty community. It's all about using lash extensions to mimic the bold, defining look of eyeliner. Simple yet sophisticated, this method requires nothing more than your trusty lash kit, a bit of finesse, and a splash of creativity.

The Perfect Pick: Volume Lashes

When aiming for that eyeliner illusion, the secret lies in selecting shorter Volume Lashes; typically, 6-8mm lengths are perfect for providing that dense, eyeliner effect at the lash line. They're ideal because you can fan them out to achieve a full, rich line that mimics traditional eyeliner perfectly. Our Mayfair and Chelsea lashes are ideal choices here. Mayfair's faux mink lashes offer a soft, fluffy appearance, while Chelsea's provide a sleeker, more pronounced finish. Plus, our ranges span various lengths and diameters to help you construct anywhere from 2D to 6D fans, ensuring every client leaves your chair dazzled!

Classic Faux Mink Mayfair Lashes 0.12 - Professional Eyelash Extensions at London Lash

Lash Fan Creation

To create your lash fans, begin by using your Volume Lash Tweezers to gently tease the lashes away from the strip using your preferred lash fanning method. Adjust the fan's width and then apply the fans to cover the lash line effectively, simulating that eyeliner effect we want to achieve. This flexibility in Volume Lashes allows for customised thicknesses or subtlety in your lash fans.


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How to make the perfect lash extension fan

Lash Mapping For Eyeliner Effect Lashes

This lash style calls for strategic lash mapping. The most popular choice for creating this lash look is to use lash mapping for Cat Eye Lashes. Start with the shortest lashes at the inner corners of the eyes and then gradually increase in length towards the outer corners. Angle the lash fans slightly upward as you apply them to create the lifting flick of a cat-eye liner. Then, taper off the lengths as you approach the outermost lashes to maintain balance and avoid overwhelming the finer natural lashes at the edges. This last part of the technique might feel counterintuitive, but it delivers stunning results without straining the natural lashes.

Lash mapping for a set of Eyeliner Effect Lashes

Wrapping Up

Mastering Eyeliner Effect Lashes can dramatically elevate your lash game, giving your clients a mesmerising look. Remember, the right lash tools are crucial, and at London Lash, we’re proud to provide you with the finest lash extensions and accessories, from sumptuous Volume Lashes to top-tier adhesives. Whether you're just beginning or looking to enhance your lash kit, we’ve got you covered.


Ready to try out this lash look? Give it a whirl, and don’t hesitate to share your stunning lash sets with us by tagging us on our Instagram so we can admire your gorgeous creations!