Let's face it, the last year or so hasn't exactly been a winner for beauty business owners, but how can we fill our appointment books, and get our clients back on that beauty bed? 

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Well, first and foremost, you might have noticed that we've organised a flash sale on all the best lash supplies so that you can get stocked up at a reduced price! This might help with our first tip...

Save Them Money

You've missed your clients, and they've missed you. But they are also distracted by beer gardens and meeting their friends in a park for the first time in forever. They're also probably counting the pennies a little bit more closely than they might have been before the pandemic shut everything down for more than a year, so convincing them to pay for something as luxurious as eyelash extensions might be a bit on the tricky side. Rest assured, once they've had one set they'll never look back (we've all been there, lash extensions are addictive!!) 

Try having a special offer on for newbies and for your regulars alike just to get them back to you - everyone loves a good deal! This could be a discount, it could also be something as simple as a complimentary lip mask treatment - it doesn't have to be big to feel special.

Save Them Time

Use their Lash layers to your advantage. We all know that our lashes grow in more than one layer. Working with the layers can really make a lash look fuller and fluffier, which is something you can use to your advantage! By covering 100% of the bottom layer, 75% of the middle layer and 50% of the top layer of lashes, you’re giving a very full look when the eyes are opened, and saving yourself a fair amount of time! It’s a bit cheeky, but it keeps your clients happy. 

To save even MORE time, try the taping method!

Easy Fanning Lashes

In the early years of the lash industry, easy fanning lashes were heavy, clunky, icky things that we all shunned! But this is no longer the case! 

Easy fanning lashes are the go-to lashes for those clients who favour a wispy lash look over a super neat top line. Create an effortless Kim K style in as little as 90 minutes, and your client will walk away with the fullest, fluffiest, most fluttery lashes they could have imagined. 

Being able to create a super full look in 1.5 hours means that you can keep to your schedule and make all of your clients very, very happy! Hopefully it won’t be long until we can open up our doors and get lashing again, but in the meantime, we hope you are staying happy and healthy!


Enjoy the sale while it lasts, and don't forget to tag us in your IG stories so we can see what you picked up, and all of those beautiful lash sets you'll be creating!