Must-Have Accessories For Lash Technicians To Beat The Summer Heat!

As the temperatures rise and Summer sets in, it's crucial to equip yourself with the right tools to keep your work efficient and your clients happy. Working in the warmer months can present unique challenges, from adhesive performance issues to client comfort. But don't sweat it! Here are some must-have accessories that will help you stay cool and collected all season long.

Superbonder Lash Sealant 

What it is: Superbonder Sealant is a game-changer for ensuring that lash extensions stay put. This nifty product helps to speed up the curing process of your eyelash extension glue, reduces adhesive fumes, adds elasticity to the lash glue bonds, and makes the lashes more flexible and less prone to breakage which will help maximise eyelash extension retention.

How to use: Apply a small amount of Superbonder Sealant to the ‘glue zone’ after you've completed the lash set to instantly polymerise the adhesive.

Why you need it: The increased humidity and temperatures in Summer can wreak havoc on eyelash glue. Superbonder ensures the lash glue bonds are secure and helps keep your clients’ lashes looking flawless for longer, even in the hottest conditions.

Superbonder lash sealant for eyelash extension retention

Air Tight Container

What it is: An Air Tight Container is designed to keep your eyelash extension glue fresh and effective by protecting it from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

How to use: Simply store your eyelash glues in this container to maintain their quality, ensuring every drop is as effective as the first.

Why you need it: Summer heat can cause lash adhesives to degrade faster, but an Air Tight Container will maintain the perfect environment, ensuring your eyelash glue stays at its best for longer.

Glamcor Flow

What it is: The Glamcor Flow is a dual-fan system designed to keep you and your clients comfortable. It’s perfect for ventilating your workspace and providing a cool breeze during those long lash sessions.

How to use: Position the Glamcor Flow fan to direct airflow where needed. It can be adjusted to different angles and speeds for optimal comfort.

Why you need it: This dual fan is perfect for creating a controlled environment, ensuring optimal adhesive performance and ensuring both you and your clients remain comfortable throughout your lash appointments during the hotter months.

Glamcor fan for extracting lash glue fumes

Jade Stone Or Agate Stone

What it is: A Jade Stone or Agate Stone is a must-have for preventing your eyelash extension glue from drying out too quickly during the warmer months. They provide a cool surface to dispense your adhesive onto that naturally stays cool to help keep the perfect consistency for lash glue during the application process.

How to use: Place a small drop of eyelash glue onto the stone to keep it cool

and fresh for longer periods.

Why you need it: Lash adhesive can dry out quickly in the Summer heat. These stones help maintain the ideal temperature, preventing it from curing too quickly in the heat which can lead to poor retention, as well as ensuring your lash glue remains workable for longer.

London Lash Top Tip: Use Glue Stone Stickers for easy cleanup between lash appointments. Just peel, stick, and go!


London Lash x Stanley - IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler

What it is: Stay hydrated and stylish with the London Lash x Stanley IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler. This tumbler keeps your drinks cold for hours, helping you stay refreshed and focused throughout the day. Plus, it’s a cute addition to your workstation!

How to use: Fill it with your favourite cool beverage and stay hydrated by sipping from this stylish tumbler throughout the day with its easy flip straw.

Why you need it: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially in the Summer. This tumbler ensures you always have a cold drink at hand, helping you stay refreshed and focused.

London Lash Stanley cup

Hygrometer & Thermometer 

What it is: Monitoring the humidity and temperature in your beauty room is crucial for your lash adhesive’s performance. A Hygrometer & Thermometer helps you maintain the ideal conditions for eyelash extension application, ensuring that your lash glue cures properly and provides the best retention.

How to use: Place it on your lash trolley to monitor the environmental conditions of your lash salon and adjust your equipment and techniques accordingly.

Why you need it: Adhesive performance is highly dependent on the right temperature and humidity. So, knowing the exact temperature and humidity helps you to control your eyelash extension glue’s performance, ensuring optimal conditions for the best lash application.

Mini Cooli Lash Fan

What it is: Speed up the drying time of your eyelash glue with the Mini Cooli Lash Fan. It’s portable, rechargeable, and perfect for giving your clients a quick blast of cool air, setting their lashes faster and reducing the risk of developing chemical burns from lash glue fumes!

How to use: Use it to gently dry the lash extensions after application, helping to speed up the curing process.

Why you need it: This portable fan speeds up the drying process, ensuring strong, lasting lash bonds, so your clients leave with perfectly set lashes, even in the Summer heat.

Lash fan for lash glue fumes and drying eyelash glue quicker

Lash Glue Shaker

What it is: A Glue Shaker is essential for maintaining the consistency of your eyelash extension glue. It mixes the components thoroughly, ensuring that each drop you use is perfectly blended for the best performance, even on the hottest days.

How to use: Place your adhesive in the shaker and let it work its magic for 10-15 seconds before use.

Why you need it: Properly mixed eyelash glue performs better with the right consistency to create stronger bonds between the natural lashes and lash extensions, which is essential for ensuring amazing eyelash extension retention.

Glue Nozzle Wipes, Glue Nozzle Opener, And Spare Glue Nozzles

What it is: Keep your adhesive nozzles clean and free of blockages with Glue Nozzle Wipes, and a Glue Nozzle Opener to make it easier to open and replace any nozzles that are stuck or blocked. It’s also advised to have a backup plan with Spare Glue Nozzles if any blockages do occur. These are lifesavers when you’re in the middle of a busy day and your current nozzle gets clogged. Swap it out quickly to keep your workflow uninterrupted.

How to use: Use the wipes to clean the nozzles after each use, and the opener to make swapping to a new nozzle easier without damaging your lash glue bottle.

Why you need it: Keeping your adhesive nozzles clean and clear is vital for preventing blockages and ensuring a smooth, consistent application. The biodegradable wipes are an eco-friendly choice, and spare nozzles save the day when you need a quick fix!

Lash Technician cleaning nozzle of eyelash extension glue

Why You Need These Lash Accessories

These lash tools aren’t luxuries; they're necessities that will help you enhance your efficiency and the quality of your work. In the Summer, high temperatures and humidity can wreak havoc on your eyelash extension glue and overall lash application process. With these accessories, you can:

  • Ensure optimal lash glue performance in varying Summer conditions.
  • Maintain a comfortable environment for both you and your clients.
  • Improve eyelash extension retention and client satisfaction, leading to better reviews and repeat business.


By equipping yourself with these essential Summer lash accessories, you can ensure your eyelash extension services remain top-notch, no matter how hot it gets. Stay cool and keep those lashes flawless!