Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Glue Fumes

One query we see quite often from Lash Techs is them looking for '...an eyelash extension glue with low fumes...'  and while there may be some general advice on which lash glues will emit the least amount of fumes, almost all eyelash glues (no matter the brand) will emit glue fumes. So let's discuss why that is and why some marketing schemes out there are just that... schemes!

Collection of eyelash extension glue for lash extensions

Eyelash Extension Glue Fumes

The fumes released from eyelash extension glue comes from the chemical cyanoacrylate - this is the main ingredient in any lash glue formula, from super glue to eyelash glue. Cyanoacrylate is responsible for the vast majority of allergic reactions, causing chemical burns and for some Lash Techs having respiratory issues while applying eyelash extensions, so it makes total sense that we’d want to keep these fumes to a minimum. However, less adhesive fumes means less cyanoacrylate, which also means poor adhesion and shorter retention time for eyelash extensions. Having a lower amount of cyanoacrylate in your eyelash glue will also result in it having a slower drying speed, and can actually cause the adhesive's fumes to hang around for longer and increase the risks to both you and your client's health. So are less lash glue fumes really better? 

Eyelash extension client with chemical burns caused by eye lash glue fumes

When you then consider that fast-drying eyelash glues can technically emit more adhesive fumes, those fumes don’t hang around quite so long as those emitted from a lash glue that cures faster. This being so, (and the glue fumes!) can all make your head spin a little bit!

Even when we do find a lash glue that has the right balance when it comes to its drying time and fume emittance, it only takes a reduction in our humidity levels to increase our drying time and, by extension, how long your glue fumes will hang around for. 

So instead of trying to find an eyelash glue that produces less fumes, there are other ways we can ensure that our eyelash glue's fumes are less of an issue and irritation for both you and your clients whilst still achieving amazing eyelash extension retention... 


Say Goodbye to Glue Rings and Hello to Jade Stones!

While glue rings can be super convenient when it comes to dipping your lash extensions in your adhesive and improving your placement speed due to its closer proximity to both to you, and your client’s lashes, that same convenient closeness is one of the main causes for irritation for both you and your clients.

The closer that your eyelash extension glue is to your client’s eyes, the higher their risk of experiencing a chemical burn will be. Having your lash glue closer to your own face as well when you're applying lash extensions frequently and for a prolonged amount of time can cause some serious irritation to you and your client's airways. While you can’t really distance yourself from eyelash glue entirely, one way you can effectively increase that distance without compromising your work speed is by using a Jade Stone instead of a Glue Ring. Some of the many benefits of using a Jade Stone for your lash glue rather than a Glue Ring include: generating less waste, using less eyelash glue, and being more cost effective! 

Jade stone with a lash glue sticker for eyelash extension glue application

Lash Technicians and Lash Glue Fumes

If you often feel a bit sniffly, or if your throat is a bit dry and itchy, it’s quite likely that the prolonged exposure and amount of fumes produced from your adhesive are having an impact on your airways. So while you’re working, make sure that you’re wearing a face mask - this will help with reducing any adhesive fumes reaching your airways while you’re working. Another thing you can do is invest in a Glamcor Flow. This revolutionary professional salon ventilation system will extract and redirect any lash glue fumes in seconds. Of course, this isn't a magic fix that will totally eliminate your adhesive's fumes, but it will definitely be a huge improvement for you and your client's experience by preventing the fumes from lingering for longer than necessary.

Glamcor flow attached to a lash bed to remove eye lash glue fumes

Clients and Lash Glue Fumes

As we've previously mentioned, chemical burns and irritation caused by eyelash extension glue fumes can be a real pain for your clients, so here are a few other things you can do to ensure that you’re doing all you can to avoid this before it actually happens:

  • Checking that your client’s eyes are completely closed during their eyelash extension treatment. You can do so by using a little Hand Mirror throughout the treatment to check if you can see any of the whites of your client's eyes. If their eyes are open, they'll be more at risk of experiencing a chemical burn.
  • If your client struggles to keep their eyes closed naturally during their lash treatment, then you can use Eyelid Tape to secure their eyelids to keep them closed.
  • You could also try using Foam Tape instead of Under Eye Patches if your client struggles to keep their eyes closed since Foam Tape is thicker than Under Eye Patches and will act as a barrier for the gap between their eyelids.
  • Gluing down one of your client's natural lashes to the Under Eye Patches is another trick you can use to help keep their eyelids closed during their treatment.
  • It's also important to make sure that you’re not pressing down too much on the Under Eye Patches with your Isolation Lash Tweezers when lashing so that you aren't pulling on the lower eyelid and creating a gap for the adhesive fumes to get through.
  • A crucial piece of advice that you should be giving to ALL of your clients is that they should avoid consuming caffeine and/or sugar for at least one hour before their treatment to prevent their eyelids from flickering and exposing their eyes.

Using a lash sealant like Superbonder at the end of your eyelash extension treatments is another way that you can reduce the amount of lash glue fumes emitted during treatment. Superbonder will help cure the eyelash glue quicker to seal in any left over adhesive fumes immediately after use. Using Superbonder at the end of your lash treatments will also add elasticity and flexibility to the eyelash glue bonds which will result in better eyelash extension retention for your clients.

Lash sealant being applied to eyelash extensions with a lash brush

There are so many factors that can affect the level of fumes that are produced by your lash glue. Overall, it’s actually far better for you to simply choose an eyelash extension glue that works best for you in terms of your skill level, beauty room conditions, and its drying speed. Using the right glue for you and making easy adaptations for your clients and to how you work will be more effective when it comes to managing your adhesive's fumes and preventing a painful experience for both you and your clients!