6 Essentials You Need for the PERFECT So Henna Treatment!

So Henna Brow Henna is one of London Lash’s best-selling and most loved featured brands - who wouldn’t want their brow colour to be rich and beautiful for so long? If you’re new to So Henna for Brows, you may not be familiar with each product in the range - lucky for you, we’re here to help! 

Essential 1 - So Henna Powder

This is an obvious starting point - of course you’ll need So Henna Powder in order to do this treatment! We have 7 cooler shades and a toner - Sweetener - to add warmth to any of those shades, and you can also mix shades together to create bespoke colours for your clients if they’re sitting in the middle of two shades. 

Each pot of powder comes with a scoop so you can always get the perfect amount of So Henna powder. We recommend two scoops of powder to a couple of drops of water, but this will depend on how thick of a mixture you want - the thicker the mixture the more intense your colour will be.

Essential 2 - Mixing Dish and Dropper

You’ll need a non-metal container to mix your Henna for Brows and a glass mixing dish allows you to see whether or not your powder is all mixed into the water, or if you have some stubborn bits stuck to the side of the jar. A dropper is also essential because it allows you to be precise with how much water you are adding to your powder, so you can always guarantee your result.

Essential 3 - Mixing Tool 

We recommend using a Mixing Tool for optimal mixing - this will ensure all of the colour granules are perfectly dissolved and you get a lovely whipped finish, which will be easy to apply and will give you the colour you expect! 

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Essential 4 - Brushes

It’s up to you how many brow brushes you have in your collection - perhaps you’re a minimalist and you’d just like a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, or maybe you’re a collector who thrives on having a full collection of brushes to suit every client and every brow shape. Whatever your preference, brushes are an absolute must when it comes to So Henna Brow application! 

Essential 5 - White Paste

So Henna application can be done without the white mapping paste, but having the paste there will help you out so much, especially when you’re just starting out! By using white paste for brow mapping, you’re eliminating the risk of getting wonky lines with your henna, which makes for a happier client! We also developed the white paste to not be super difficult to remove from the skin after use, so it’ll come off nice and easily along with the So Henna colour, as long as you don’t apply it too heavily!

Essential 6  - So Henna Tweezers

Tweezers are integral to any brow treatment - you’ll undoubtedly have at least one little hair that ruins the overall aesthetic! These tweezers are designed to easily and comfortably remove even very fine hairs, and have a little comb on the end to help you brush longer hairs into place before applying your colour. When you tweeze out those stray hairs, get as close to the root as you can without pinching the skin, and pull in the direction of hair growth to keep things comfortable for your client. 

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So there you have it, everything you need from the So Henna range to carry out the perfect So Henna treatment! You may wish to expand your collection once you get to know the products a little more, but when you’re first getting started the above products will guarantee great results!

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