Revolutionise Your Brow Game with So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread

When it comes to henna brows, precision is key. This being said, we are excited to introduce a game-changer in brow mapping: the So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread! This innovative product promises to transform the way professionals approach brow henna and shaping treatments.

What is So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread?

The So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the process of eyebrow mapping. This high-quality, pre-inked thread is crafted to assist Brow Technicians in achieving perfectly symmetrical brow shapes with ease and precision.

Brow Mapping Thread

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Material: Made from bamboo plants, this sustainable mapping thread is an eco-conscious choice for beauty professionals, so you can map with peace of mind!

Pure and Safe: With no artificial ingredients, it's suitable for all skin types, ensuring a safe application every time.

High-Quality Design: The thread is designed to deliver accurate and fine lines, crucial for perfect brow mapping.

Generous Length: At 20 meters (approximately 67 feet), each dispenser offers up to 200 applications, making it exceptional value for money!

Cruelty-Free Commitment: Aligning with ethical practices, this product is cruelty-free, reflecting our company-wide commitment to animal welfare.

Benefits of Using So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread:

The So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread is a revolutionary tool in the beauty industry, offering unparalleled precision and symmetry with its pre-inked thread that ensures precise markings, crucial for achieving perfectly symmetrical brows. Not only does it streamline the brow mapping process, making it more time-efficient without sacrificing accuracy, but its versatility also makes it ideal for a variety of brow treatments.

Designed for ease of use, this innovative product is suitable for both seasoned professionals and those new to brow treatments, as it ensures a user-friendly experience. Additionally, its natural composition is particularly skin-friendly, making it a safe choice for clients with sensitive skin. This combination of precision, efficiency, versatility, ease of use, and skin safety makes the So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread an essential tool for Brow Artists looking to enhance their brow treatment services!

So Henna Pre-Inked Thread for Brow Mapping

How to Use the So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread:

Preparation: Cut approximately 15cm of the thread.

Application: Hold the thread taut and gently press against the skin to create fine, straight lines.

Removal: Easily remove the markings with a damp cotton bud or micro brush.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Brow Mapping Thread:

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping Thread, it's important to store it properly. The thread is housed in a black dispenser with a small bag to prevent drying. If you encounter any issues with the thread, gently open the dispenser, adjust the bag, and stretch the thread before closing it. Also, remember to wear clean gloves to prevent cross-contamination and staining.

The Pre-Inked Mapping Thread from So Henna is a must-have tool for your henna brows kit. Its eco-friendly nature, ease of use, and precision make it an essential product for all Brow Techs. So, if you want to embrace the future of brow mapping and elevate your services, this innovative product is the one to choose!

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