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February 25, 2020 2 min read

Written by our Marketing Manager Abigail Madden, here is what you need to know about the latest brow trend, brow lamination!
So what actually is brow lamination?

From threading and micro-blading to henna and tinting, the treatments on offer in pursuit of the dream brow are endless! 

2019 saw yet another brow trend with the rise in popularity of the brow lamination treatment. From influencers to runway models the fluffy and full brow dominated and is continuing to dominate our instagram feeds. 

Whilst brow lamination can create fluffy and full brows, the common misconception amongst clientele and technicians alike is that the look achieved by brow lamination is just that look alone. This assumption can cause clients to have unrealistic expectations when attending their appointment and in turn be disappointed with the end outcome. 

Brow lamination is way more versatile than just big bushy brows! FACT. 

Brow lamination essentially restructures the brow hairs by opening up the hair cuticle and locking it in to a new given position. Making it the perfect treatment for clients with irregular hair direction, gaps in between hairs and ALSO those wanting the instagrammable bushy brow look. 


Clients with thick unruly hair will benefit from the treatment as the lamination will cause the hair to become soft and workable whilst those with thin and sparse eyebrows will be able to give the appearance of fuller brows! 


So don’t let the images of HUGE brushed up brows stop you from offering the treatment! Do your research and educate your clients accordingly. Brow lamination is more than just a trend! 

Want to offer the treatment in your salon? Learn more about our Brow Lamination Training here. 

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