Why Glamcor?

Is it bold of us to say that Glamcor lamps are the best lighting in the beauty industry?

Simply, yes. But is it justified? Absolutely. Here’s why:

Multiple Light Settings

Every Glamcor lamp comes with multiple light settings to ensure that your lighting is always ideal for your needs. If you’re working in a darker room with little-to-no daylight, or you’re in a room with harsh overhead lighting that casts shadows over your lashes, or you have big windows that let in sunlight, the adjustable light setting means that the light being used directly on the lashes is perfect every time, preventing eye strain and making lashing tiny little baby hairs even easier! 


It’s not unusual for any beauty lamp or ring light to have an adjustable stand – it’s actually an absolute necessity. But what sets Glamcor apart from other lamps in the great ‘Glamcor vs Ring Light’ debate, is that Glamcor comes with two luminary attachments – each with 168 LED lights on them which are both fully adjustable too. You can move the arms individually, putting them exactly where you need them for maximum impact. You can even twist the actual lamp heads to get the perfect angle. The Revolution X takes adjustability even further, with staggered arms for even greater lighting freedom!


Glamcors are super lightweight, and they come with their own little carry case so you can take them between photoshoots and appointments. Not to mention, you can also move them around your salon as and when you need to!

Who Is Glamcor For?

Lash technicians, obviously but it’s also great lighting for tattoo artists, MUAs, content creators, photographers, influencers… The list goes on. Basically, if you need a light, you need a Glamcor!