Easy Fan Lashes: The Lowdown

Easy fanning lashes - some stylists love them like we love a Piña Colada in the summer, others hate them just like we all hate stickies. But what does the term ‘easy fanning’ actually mean, and is this the direction the lash industry is moving in for good?


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The lash industry is always evolving, and this has been particularly evident in the last few years. We’re coming up with different styles, new techniques, and trying to meet the constantly developing requirements of the average lash tech. Almost every lash company is working alongside manufacturers to introduce new, innovative types of lashes which supposedly speed up treatment times, make our lives easier and basically also help us earn more money. Because let’s be honest, a shorter treatment means:

  1. You can charge more for the treatment because you can give a fuller look in less time.

  2. You can easily squeeze 1-3 extra clients in each day! 

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Should we really be so sceptical about these innovations, or should we give it a try and enjoy the fact that someone out there is taking their time to come up with ideas that will make our lives much easier. Now, we understand that there is a lot of controversy around easy fanning lashes, this is normal when big changes come, but really, this is a change we just can’t avoid. Sooner or later you will have to make a choice, you either stay behind or move forward and expand your business. 

Before you make up your mind about easy fanning lashes, let's talk a little bit about why we love them, and how to make them work for you! 

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What are easy fanning eyelash extensions?

Easy fanning lashes are usually different length lashes placed on the strip in layers, so that once you close the tweezers on a bunch of them, they will pop open creating a fan. That is the theory, but easy fanning lashes are not magic lashes, so we wouldn't recommend these for those not yet trained in Volume lashes, as you'll still need to know how many lashes are safe for any given lash. Easy fanning lashes are amazing, but damaged lashes are not!

Easy fanning lashes, contrary to popular opinion, are also not for beginners. We still firmly believe that if you want to become a professional and successful lash artist, you need to understand the struggle of creating and applying handmade fans. You need to learn how to work with the glue, how to work with layers, lash diameters, and all the other little things you either weren’t told about, or forgot from your training. It’s these little things that actually make you an excellent and professional eyelash technician.

So before you start to reap the benefits of the industry boom, start with a foundation. We know this isn't what most of you would like to hear, but that’s the reality, nothing worth having comes easy.

Next, we'll explain how you can work effectively with easy fanning lashes. Sure, you can grab a bunch of them and just stick them randomly to the natural lashes - but will they look nice? Doubtful. Like we said - they're not magic lashes. The sticky base makes it a little bit easier to fan and prevents the fan from being lost when you lift it from the strip. Our Master artists still like to take control by placing them on the strip, and fanning them into a desired “shape”. This way, you can also control how many lashes will be placed on the natural lash, and make sure the base is not too thick - a very thick base can lead to more stickies, which we definitely don’t want!

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The choice of tweezers you use is also very important. We've tested a few, and found that the finer the tip, the easier it is to work with easy fanning lashes. Our top choice for easy fanning lashes is our multifunctional tweezers. The small, sharp tip makes them super precise, and allows you to pick the number of lashes you want!

Another common opinion about easy fanning lashes is that they don’t wrap around the NL. Well they don’t, that much is true, but neither do pre-made fans or the T-base fans that are very often used by many experienced technicians. However, if we’re being honest though, we haven’t noticed any issues with retention. That being said, if you like your fans to wrap around the natural lash then you are most likely not going to be happy with these lashes and that’s ok, after all, we all have our unique style.

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To summarise: 

Q: Are easy fanning lashes as amazing as they’re said to be? 

A: We would say yes, definitely! They can reduce the time of treatment by as much as an hour! 

Q: Can everyone use them? 

A: No! You need to be a qualified and confident Russian Volume technician.

Q: Are they for you?

A: Well, you will have to try for yourself and make up your own mind! For us, it was a case of love at first fan! That being so, it took even our best lash techs a little while, and a bit of fiddling to find the best way to use them!