Is Your Lash Extensions Pre-Treatment Stopping Clients Coming Back?

Did you know that an incomplete pre-treatment routine is one of the top causes of poor lash extensions retention? This, in turn, leads to unhappy customers!

A good pre-treatment routine is a MUST if you want to make sure the set of eyelash extensions you have just spent hours on will last on your clients, assure satisfaction and keep your customer returning!

Where to Begin?

A good consultation! Simply by advising your clients not to wear any eye makeup when they arrive for their treatment you will save yourself a lot of time.

Of course, it will happen that some of your clients will still show up with makeup on, so it's good to start your pretreatment routine with lash shampoo to get the majority of makeup off of the lashes and eyelid area quickly and gently.

lash shampoo for eyelash extensions, lash retention, how to make lash extensions last longer

Then What?

To ensure that the extensions will last maximum time you need to make sure natural lashes are sparkly clean. We recommend Protein Removing Pads to remove any makeup traces, natural oils, and protein. They are also very efficient; one pot will easily last you for over 30 treatments.

If you can definitely say that your client does not wear any makeup you can use the Cleanser and microfibre brushes to remove any natural oils, proteins, and dust. Don’t forget that if you are using alcohol-based cleanser you are removing all water and moist from lashes, so to bring back the balance you have to use a product that will rehydrate the lashes for example Lash Primer

lash shampoo for eyelash extensions, lash retention, how to make lash extensions last longer

Finishing Up...

Additionally, if you are an experienced lash technician, you can as a very last step use Booster. Booster has a slightly alkaline pH which means that it is able to gently lift the hair cuticles, giving your lash extensions glue more surface area to bond with. Booster slightly speeds up the drying time of your lash extensions glue, which is why we only really recommend it for lash techs who are more used to placing extensions quickly, and without the need to correct lash extensions as often.