If you're curious about how Russian Volume lashes come to life, or if you're a lash technician who needs a little bit of a refresher, look no further! We've teamed up with Lash Master Loredana from the London Lash salon in Manchester, UKfor a step by step look at applying a Russian Volume set from start to finish!

Loredana begins with our 5 step pretreatment routine, which PERFECTLY prepares natural lashes for the eyelash extensions procedure, and promises AMAZING retention when used with the best glue for you!

All fans are hand made, using London Lash Mayfair Faux Mink lashes and our Fine Tipped Volume Tweezers, and are attached to natural lashes using Flexie Adhesive.

Find Loredana on Instagram, for amazing lash looks, educational content, and took book a lash appointment!

To find the BEST glue for you, check out our glue comparison table!

Get everything you need with our Volume Kit!

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