How To Complete A Set Of Russian Volume Lashes In Half The Time!

Want to complete a set of volume lashes twice as fast? It's easy! We'll tell you how

Work with Lash Layers

Working with layers will speed up your work, AND will give you a much fuller completed look! On average, we have from three to five layers in our lash line, so separating out the layers and working on them each in turn will save you lots of time on isolating the lashes. 

  • Begin with your pretreatment routine, of course, then take a piece of tape long enough to cover all lashes on the eyelid, de-tack it on the back of your hand and pull the lashes back gently, fixing the ends of the tape to the eyelids. 
  • Take your isolation tweezers and gently pull the bottom layer of lashes out from the tape.
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  • Begin lashing them. 
  • Once this layer is covered, gently tape that layer down to the eyepatch - this is more of a ‘holding down’ of the lashes, so the tape should only be stuck down at the ends to prevent the tape from pulling any of your fans off when you remove the tape. 
  • Repeat this process until all layers are covered, then carefully remove your tape, brush through the lashes and voila! A perfectly fluffy volume set in far less time! 

Use Easy Fanning Lashes!

Easy fanning lashes are exactly what they sound like - lashes that fan easily! Grip them with your tweezers, pull them off the strip and they just pop open into beautiful little fans.

How do they work? 

Easy Fanning Lashes are unique as they have two layers of lashes one on top of the other with 3 different lengths on one strip, which is how they pop open when you grip them! Simple. 
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How do you map with Easy Fanning Lashes?

Easy Fanning lashes have a mixture of three lengths on each strip which gives them their signature spiky finish, so on the surface it can be a bit daunting to figure out how exactly to nail your map. Have no fear - it is far simpler than it looks! Simply pick the middle length and map based on that. For example 7,8,9; 8,9,10; 9,10,11 - and so on.

Use Pre-made Fans

Let’s say your client comes to you for an infill, but as soon as they open the door to the salon, you see two little fans per eye, hanging on for dear life. Your heart stops - how will you please them and keep your reputation for quality in only an hour? The answer is simple - keep a couple of trays of premade fans in your arsenal and cover those tragically naked lashes in seconds! 


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Our premade fans are heat bonded,so there’s no danger of there being extra glue, and your retention time will be just as great as with your perfect little hand crafted fans! To the client, the effect is exactly the same, so your incredible speed if just a bit of a miracle. 

Use Booster

Booster is a little bit like magic - apply a little bit to the lashes and watch the fans grab on like magnets to a fridge door! 

How does it work? 

Booster is a product with alkaline pH so when it is applied to lashes, it causes the cuticles to ‘open up’ slightly and gives the glue more surface area to grip onto. Whether you’re using handmade fans, premades or easy fans, this product will work miracles. 

Top tip - you can also apply Booster to the strip of lashes themselves to prevent the glue travelling up the base and closing your fan - also a great little time saver! Do note though, that this should NOT be used on Easy Fanning lashes due to them having more glue on the base to keep the two layers of lashes together.


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Combine any number of these steps and you’ll effortlessly go down in lash legend as one of the fastest volume lashers EVER!

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