Which Eyelash Extension Glue Is The Best For Beginner Lash Technicians?


Introducing: Satin Bond Lash Glue

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Satin Bond has a 2 second drying time, making it the ideal lash glue for beginners and intermediate lash technicians, or even those of you super experienced techs who have a hard time with faster glues due to very high temperature or humidity! 

Satin Bond’s medium viscosity (syrupy texture) makes it easy to pick up the perfect amount of glue which will wrap around the extension and the natural lash for amazing retention! 

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Satin Bond is happiest in temperatures ranging between 18-22C (64-72F) and with a humidity level between 50-65%

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We’re sure you have some questions, and it just so happens that we may just have the answer!

Commonly Asked Questions About Satin Bond Lash Glue

Q: Is this a sensitive eyelash glue?

A: No, none of our glues are marketed as being ‘sensitive’ as they ALL contain cyanoacrylate which is the main culprit of allergic reactions and for causing redness in clients’ eyes. For more information about chemical burns and allergic reactions, check out this very informative blog post!

Q: Is this to replace Velvet?

A: Not really, it’s true that this lash glue is more gradually drying than Lady Bond and is the most gradually drying adhesive we now offer, but a 2 second drying time is still pretty rapid! What we will say is that it’s super user friendly and a great fit for those just starting out!

Q: If my room is hotter, or I have higher humidity will this still work?

A: Absolutely! As with any lash glue, you’ll simply find that your glue will start drying faster than normal. If you find that is unworkable for you, it’s worth looking into ways that you can decrease one or both factors to bring them closer to the desired range.

Q: How long will retention be with this lash glue? 

A: As long as you’ve followed all the right pre-treatment steps, have made sure your glue is fresh, and have advised your clients on the best possible aftercare, you’ll get 6 weeks retention easily! That being said, you should still get your clients back every 3-4 weeks to keep the set looking full and fresh!

Q: How will I know if I’ll like it?

A: We’re sure you will, but we might be biased! To put your mind at ease, go for a sample sized bottle first so that you can try it on a couple of clients before committing to a full-sized bottle! 

Q: How does Satin Bond compare to other LLP glues?

A: Check out our glue comparison table here

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