Which Products Should You Use For Hybrid Lash Extensions?


Like so many other lash questions, this one is answered with a ‘well it depends on…’. Luckily for you, we’re here to narrow down some of the options so that you can choose the perfect lash supplies for those fluffy sets of Hybrid lash extensions, without feeling quite so overwhelmed by everything! 

Lash Artist applying Hybrid lashes

Let’s start with lashes. Choosing which eyelash extensions to use for Hybrid lashes is going to be dependent on what exactly it is your client would like to achieve, but generally speaking you want the Classic lashes to complement the fans used for the Volume lashes, so that they blend nicely and there isn’t a stark difference between the two. 

The Volume Lashes 

Generally speaking, clients will opt for a Hybrid set when they want a little bit of oomph without being too dramatic. Opt for 0.07 lashes as you can create fans up to 5D with these. Whether you choose Mayfair lashes or Chelsea lashes, again comes down to your preferred lash finish - Mayfair are a bit more shiny, Chelsea are more on the matte side. 

Professional eyelash extensions for Russian Volume lashesThe Classic Lashes

0.15 lashes would be a great accompaniment to your 0.07 Volume lashes - on their own they would give you a lovely mascara effect, but used in a Hybrid set they will be perfectly balanced with 3D fans in 0.07! 

If you’ve opted for larger fans, such as 5D, you could think about using 0.20 flat lashes.

TOP TIP: If you’d like a wispier set, use Classic lashes that are 2mm longer than the fan you’re using throughout your lash set!

Professional eyelash extensions for Classic lash extensions

The Eyelash Extension Glue

You can use your regular glue for Hybrids - all London Lash glues can be used for Classic lashes and for Volume lashes, so it stands to reason that they’re amazing for Hybrids too! 

One thing to keep in mind though is that you might work faster with Classic lashes than you do with Russian Volume lashes, so it might be worth having two lash glues on hand (this isn’t at all unusual and can come in super handy as well if your room conditions fluctuate!)

If you’re only slightly faster with Classic lashes than you are with Volume lashes, then you can either just hold the fan for a little longer, or you could re-apply Booster or Primer to the lashes to help speed up the eyelash glue - be wary with this though that you don’t cause the lash glue on the Classic lashes surrounding this to shock polymerise!

Collection of professional eyelash extension glue

The Lash Tweezers

Unlike with just Classic lashes or just a set of Volume lashes, you may need to use three pairs of lash tweezers for the eyelash extensions in a Hybrid set! If you’re looking to keep your lash tweezer collection to a minimum, try multifunctional tweezers which are ideal for picking up Classic lashes and fans up to 3D! For any fan larger than 3D, you’ll need a pair of Volume Lash Tweezers. A favourite among many Lash Artists are the Regular Tip Volume Lash Tweezers

Lash tweezers for eyelash extensions

If you're looking for a lash extension kit that has a bit of everything, check out our Classic and Volume Combination kit - not only will this give you all the best products for Hybrid lash extensions, but will also give you a good introduction to the London Lash product line in one easy step!