Glamcor, you have seen them on our instagram feed, stories, facebook, email - everywhere. That's for a reason, they are absolutely incredible to work with! Our very own lash technicians swear by them! In our Manchester office we have a ring light and Glamcor lights, and at every opportunity the Glamcor lights are used over the ring light, don’t get me wrong the ring light is useful but it is nothing compared the the Glamcor lights we have! 

Whilst training and applying lashes in general, Glamcor lights are an absolute life saver! They light your clients eyes like never before! You will be able to see every lash on your clients eye! The lashes will be illuminated for precise application! 

Not only are they brilliant to have with all things lash but for taking your pictures too! You want the perfect lighting for your pictures? GLAMCOR is the answer! 

Amber says: “this lamp is truly life changing, it’s caused me to become even more successful as you can see my lashes very clearly on my instagram page!”

Maja said: “I don't know how I have done lashes for the past 5 years without this!”

So, don’t just take it from us! Take it from those who have said themselves! Read the comments and reviews on the products! You’ll see for yourself how amazing they are, you’ll probably be questioning why you haven't bought one yourself yet! 


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