Invest In Beauty Lighting with Glamcor

Glamcor, you have seen them on our Instagram feed, facebook, emails, perhaps even on TV shows about makeup or tattooing - their industry reputation is everywhere. That is for a reason, they are absolutely incredible to work with! Our very own in-house Lash Technicians and Trainers swear by them! In our Training Academy we love to use Glamcor LED lights, and at every photo opportunity the Glamcor lights are used over ring lights. 

Glamcor LED Beauty Lights

Why Glamcor?

Whilst training and applying lash extensions in general, Glamcor Beauty Lights are an absolute life saver! They light your clients eyes like no other LED lighting before. You will be able to see every lash on your clients eye and you will be able to work in precise detail for meticulous application.

Not only are they brilliant to have with all things lash extensions, from Pretreatment to application, but for taking your pictures too! You want the perfect lighting for your social media videos and pictures? GLAMCOR is the answer! 

Glamcor Multimedia X Beauty Lamp Kit

Why Are They Industry Standard?

Glamcor has risen to the top of the lighting industry due to their exceptional quality and assurance. With Glamcor you have a wide range of choices of beauty lighting, from small convenient lights fit for small spaces such as Glamcor Reveal and Glamcor Capture, to large and stunning studio lighting such as Glamcor Horizon and Glamcor Multimedia X. With this exceptional range of LED lighting, the choice is in your hands.

Glamcor Horizon with Phone Attachment Arm

Several Glamcor lamps feature a phone attachment stand which allows you to create stunning content without the need to extra lighting or equipment. With their compact packaging, you can take your Glamcor on the go and pack it away in no time. Glamcor has thought of everything. 

In the world of tattooing, makeup, nails and eyelash extensions, Glamcor will allow you to view every single detail with exceptional precision, so never fear missing a spot or having any discrepancies in your meticulous work.