Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Beauty Room Organised

Delivery day for a Lash Tech can feel a bit like having your birthday with the excitement you feel opening all those packages which feel like presents from you, to you! Once you’ve finished opening up your fresh lash supplies and admiring those new lashes you’ve had your eye on for ages, your next thought might be “Where am I going to put all of this?”. Whilst you may be thrilled with your new lash haul, your clients won’t be with it cluttering your workspace. This may even give them a bad impression that your lashing space will reflect the quality of your lash work! Well, to save you the stress, we have created a handy list of our best tips and tricks to keep your lash room organised and clutter-free. 

Salon decor and beauty bed

Organising Your Lash Trolley

A lash trolley is a great storage option to optimise space by storing your lash supplies vertically with multiple tiers which will allow for much better functionality while you’re lashing. Setting up your lash cart can feel like one of those oddly satisfying moments when you see everything in its rightful place and mess-free. Keeping your lash trolley organised is also a great way to make sure you’re prepared for your appointments. 

Here are our recommendations for how you can organise your lash trolley:

Bottom Shelf

Store all of your liquid items such as your lash shampoo and pretreatment products on the bottom shelf to help avoid accidental spills or leaks from dripping down onto your other lash supplies from the top or middle tiers. 

Middle Shelf 

The second tier is an excellent place to store your most frequently used eyelash extension trays. We also recommend storing other lash supplies you use on a daily basis that you need quick access to on this tier:

Top Shelf

The top tier of your lash trolley will be where you lay out the lash supplies and tools that you will need for each appointment. After you lay out a clean towel you can place the following on top: 

Lash trolley with lash extension kit

How Should You Store Your Lash Tweezers?

We know that every Lash Technician’s worst nightmare is dropping their eyelash tweezers! So you need to make sure that they are stored correctly and safely. One of the best ways to ensure this is to store your eyelash extension tweezers in a vertical Tweezer Holder. Our Tweezer Holder is designed to not only protect your eyelash tweezers but also look sleek and elegant on your lash trolley and fit in nicely with the aesthetic of your beauty room. They are perfect for protecting your lash tweezers from any accidental damage and environmental factors, as well as helping you to keep all of your eyelash tweezers in one place. You can also store your eyelash tweezers that have magnetic capabilities in a Magnetic Tweezer Case! The magnetism between your lash tweezers and the case will help give you some peace of mind knowing that your eyelash tweezers will never fall out.

 Tweezer holder for lash tweezers

How To Store Your Eyelash Extensions Boxes & Trays

As we previously mentioned, the second shelf of your lash trolley is a great place to stack and organise your various lash extension trays. Many stores and online shopping sites have a variety of cute boxes and trays to stack or line up your lash extension trays in that will look good and match the look of your beauty room. It’s also great to organise the lash extension trays within your storage by their lengths, curls, and diameters, from smallest to biggest, or all of the above when you create your organisation system. When you are storing them you also need to make sure that you store them in a way in which  you can easily see the labels that tell you their length, curl, and diameter.

 Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume lashes

How Can You Store Your Eyelash Extension Palettes?

Lash extension palettes are wonderful for lashing! They help you to keep all of your lash extension strips neatly lined up and you can access all the lengths you need from one place. So when it comes to storing them correctly so that they are protected from any debris or dust, you’ll need some Magnetic Palette Organisers. They are a smart and stylish solution to lash extension palette storage. They have a detachable magnetic lid that helps you to store and protect lash palettes from dust, dirt, and bacteria and will help you streamline your palette storage. 

 Lash extension palette organisers

The Best Way To Store Your Eyelash Extension Glue

This is probably THE most important storage advice we can give you. Making sure that you are storing your lash glue correctly is essential for a Lash Tech to have a successful lash business and save you from wasting money on new lash glues prematurely. So in terms of how you should be storing your lash glue, you can store all unopened eyelash glues upright in a cool place such as a fridge. As well as using an Airtight Container, with a layer of dry rice or silicone pouches inside for extra protection against any moisture. 

Once you have opened the lash glue it can start to polymerise inside of the bottle very quickly. So it's very important to keep your eyelash glue stored upright in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. As we’ve just mentioned you should also be using an airtight container to store your opened lash glues, as the airtight seal will help to keep the lash glue fresh and protected from moisture. One thing to also keep in mind is that the temperature shouldn't be just cool, it should also be constant. Big changes in air temperature and humidity levels can cause condensation inside the bottle that will affect the lash glue’s properties and your eyelash extension retention!

Airtight container for eyelash glue

If you’d like to know more about how you can ensure that your glue is fresh and working at its optimal levels, you can check out this blog post here. 

At the end of the day, it’s important that no matter what, you make sure that your lash room works for you. We hope that you have found these tips helpful for providing some guidance on the best ways to keep your lash extension supplies organised and make every lash appointment a breeze. Happy lashing!