Glue/adhesive - SAMPLE

Miniature versions of our favourite glues! 

Ever wanted to try a new glue but feel nervous buying a full sized bottle? Got an upcoming competition and want to travel light? Are you a mobile tech who likes to use different glues in different climates? Grab some 2ml sample bottles! 

Velvet: (2 - 3 seconds) A creamy consistency with a gradual drying time, Velvet is perfect for beginners or those with very high temperature or humidity levels!

Lady Bond: (1 - 2 seconds) Our most loved glue - ever! A runnier consistency, ideal for any level. 

Flexie: (1 second) A honey-like consistency and rapid drying time, ideal for advanced lash techs (1,000-1,500 lash sets, 3 years+) 

 Crystal bond: (1-2 seconds) It has a syrupy texture allowing excellent bonding between the eyelash extension and the natural lash.

***Sample bottles of adhesive have a shelf life of 7 days once opened***

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