Essential Lash Supplies For The Perfect Russian Volume Lashes

Whether you’re new to the eyelash extensions industry, or you’ve previously completed a lash extension course for Classic lashes and you’d like to move onto Russian Volume lashes, then you may have some questions about what are the best products to use for a set of Volume lash extensions. If you fall into one of these categories, or if you’ve already started creating Volume lash sets and want to know more about the products you could be using to make them even better, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list we have put together of our favourite products for Volume lash extensions!

Close-up of Russian Volume lashes set

What Are Volume Lashes?

To make things easier, why don’t we begin with a brief explanation of what Volume lashes are. Volume lashes, also known as Russian Volume lashes, are a style of eyelash extensions that are made up of multiple thin lashes that are applied to each individual natural eyelash. Doing so will create a fuller and more dramatic look than traditional lash extensions, such as Classic lashes.

What Eyelash Extensions Are Used For Volume Lashes?

The type of eyelash extensions that we’d recommend for creating a gorgeous Volume lash set with handmade lash fans, is our Mayfair Faux Mink lashes in the sizes 0.03 and 0.05 for a Mega Volume lash look, and the sizes 0.06 to 0.10 for an eye-catching Volume lash set. If you’re still getting to grips with creating handmade lash fans and need a little boost, you could try our super soft and lightweight Easy Fanning lashes. They have two layers of lashes on each strip, so when you grip them with your eyelash tweezers, they will spring open into wispy lash fans! Alternatively, if you want to save some time during your lash treatments, but still achieve a professional and high-quality finish for your clients’ lashes, you could use a selection of our Premade Lash Fans. They allow you to grab lash fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and a shorter treatment time.

Eyelash extensions for Russian Volume lashes

The Best Eyelash Glue For Volume Lashes

There isn't one lash glue that fits all, you’ll need to take into consideration factors like how long it takes you to place a lash extension, your beauty room conditions, etc. when choosing the right lash glue for you. This being said, the eyelash glue that we would recommend for creating Volume lashes is our Flexie glue. It’s the best eyelash extension glue for low humidity conditions and has a velvety consistency that allows you to pick up the ideal amount of glue for your lash extensions every time. It will also stay flexible even when it has completely polymerised, resulting in great retention for your clients’ eyelash extensions.

However, this type of lash glue has an extremely fast-drying time of 1 second, so it’s not suitable for beginner or intermediate Lash Technicians. We highly recommend that if you're not quite ready to level up to this glue just yet, then stick with a lash glue like Satin Bond, which has a 2-second drying time, and a slightly thicker consistency, until you are more confident. Once you have performed between 1000-1500 lash sets and feel ready, you should try a sample of our Flexie first before purchasing the full-size bottle and see how you get on.

Eyelash glue for eyelash extensions

The Best Eyelash Tweezers For Volume Lashes

When it comes to choosing the right eyelash tweezers, similar to eyelash extension glue, there's not really one answer for this either as it comes down to your personal preference. However, the eyelash tweezers we would recommend for Russian Volume lashes are our Curved Isolation Tweezers for isolating the individual lashes, and Fine Tip Volume Tweezers for picking up the eyelash extensions. The reason we suggest using this specific combo of lash tweezers is because these Volume lash tweezers are hand-tested, with an ultra-fine tip that is excellent for creating the most beautiful Russian Volume fans using different Russian Volume fanning techniques. They’re also the perfect eyelash tweezers for beginner Lash Technicians who struggle with creating Volume lash extensions fans, as these lash tweezers will help with making Volume lash fan creation quicker and easier. We’ve also recommended the Curved Isolation Tweezers as they minimise the risk of hand strain and muscle pain, meaning they will feel more comfortable to hold.

Eyelash tweezers for Russian Volume lashes

The Perfect Pretreatment Routine For Volume Lashes

The pretreatment routine that we would recommend you follow for the ultimate retention of Russian Volume lashes, is the 5-step eyelash extension pretreatment method. It’s a tried and tested routine that works like a dream where retention is concerned. To make things easier, we’ve also put all the products you’ll need for the best eyelash cleanse into a handy little bundle so it’s all ready for you in one place. However, if you’re a beginner Lash Technician, or on a tighter budget, then you can also check out this blog post which explains the 3 different pretreatment routines you could use and what they are good for. 

Lash supplies for a lash extension kit

We hope that you have found this list of recommended products helpful for creating the best Volume lashes of your lashing career! If you’d like some advice on how to style and apply your Russian Volume lash extensions, then you can check out our blog post here to find out more.