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InLei® Vincent Professional Cat-tongue Brush

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Every day 8,000,000 pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans killing over 1,000,000 animals a year.

The reusable InLei® Vincent Brush helps reduce your salon's plastic waste whilst its pioneering cat-tongue shape allows for precise application of products during lash and brow treatments.

The Vincent brush has been specifically designed so that its cat-tongue tip gives you precision and control in the application of InLei® Lash Filler and Brow Bomber solutions or eyelash tint

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Product details

  • Made in collaboration with a historic Italian brush manufacturer
  • Cat-tongue, rounded shape
  • Brush Handle: made of birch wood with a double layer of silicone acrylic paint. Resistant to water and disinfection. Light and resistant. Nickel-plated brass with double choke;
  • Brush Tip: fine, synthetic bristles. Wear resistant, balanced softness, elastic;
  • Safe to disinfect in the InLei® F Plus liquid.


ATTENTION! Double dipping spreads infection!Use with  InLei® ONLY bowl for solutions or dyeing (3 PCS) for BEST industry practice.

How to use

How to clean and disinfect InLei® brushes:

  1. After using the brush, wash it under running water with a neutral soap, to remove the product residue.
  2. Soak the tip of the brush in InLei® F PLUS disinfectant liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse the brush with tap water and dry it well with a cloth or a paper towel.
  4. Leave to dry completely with bristles angled downwards to protect the glue inside the brush, and prolong the life of your brushes.