4 Mistakes You’re Making as an Advanced Technician

You might think that having been in the lash game for so long you are immune to those career threatening mistakes we’re likely to make at the beginning of our career, and why that might be true in one sense, but we’re actually more likely to make BIGGER mistakes which can be just as damaging!


Mistake 1: Not Increasing Your Prices

Having a steady client base for years and years is great, but there is a very human tendency to want to keep our clients happy, and we get it! We’d be nowhere without our clients, afterall. However, not increasing our prices can be very detrimental to the development of our business, to the point we may even lose our business as we know it!

Why should you increase your treatment prices as a Lash Technician?

The longer you lash, the more things cost - products increase in price, your business associated bills and even your living expenses will increase, so you need to increase your treatment prices! Don’t forget that eyelash extensions treatments are a luxury, and your clients will be happy to pay a little bit more from time to time for the treatment they love, with the lash tech they love!

Sure, keeping our prices the same forever will keep our long-term clients happy, and we might start to see the odd one or two come a little less frequently if we do raise our prices. Keeping our prices low forever, though, is simply not sustainable. If you're just doing lashes on the side you might just get away with it, and end up breaking even. If you're lashing full-time and intend to continue though, you'll need to price your treatments in a way that makes sense in terms of longevity, otherwise you'll soon have to pick up a side-hustle or give up lashing completely just to make ends meet.  


Mistake 2: Only Taking One Course

You don’t have to take every course in the world, but staying up to date with information is so important! The lash industry is changing all the time, and what was deemed good practice a few years ago is now grimaced at, as our knowledge, skills and product quality all improve.

Sure, you can get a wealth of knowledge from forums but how can we be sure we’re getting good advice? When it comes to lash knowledge accredited is best - seek out a trainer who is well reviewed and/or who can take your lash game to the next level.


Mistake 3: Never Learning New Styles

This goes a little bit hand in hand with the last point - you’re going to start turning people off if you get to a point where you’re offering nothing new, or not keeping up with trends. It’s very easy to become set in our ways, and it’s never a bad idea to have a speciality but being able to cater to the wants and needs of your clients, both old and new, is always going to hold you in good stead.

Seek out styling videos on YouTube, or for hands on experience look for a mentoring session with a Lash Trainer who can help you keep on top of what’s hot!

Mistake 4: Not Updating Your Social Media/Website

We know, keeping your socials up to date is time consuming, and you’d rather be doing anything else, being as you’re so busy. Then again, maybe there are a few gaps in your treatment times and you’d love to know who to gain a few new clients to fill them.

The fact of the matter is that keeping your Instagram pictures fresh and up to date, and keeping your website imagery up to date is going to benefit you. It will increase your standing with potential clients if you look professional and well put together, and your existing clients will have something really special to show off to their friends who have heard so many great things about you.


In short, the main thing to remember is just to stay up to date with all the best lash styles, best lash practices and best lash products!