Why Ombre Lashes Are The Must-Have Addition To Your Lash Kit!

Ombre Lashes are like your usual lashes, but with a touch of colour at the tips. They're subtle yet effective for elevating a lash set to a whole new level, making them both softer and a tad bolder, without being overpowering.

Let’s dive into the three new options we've just added to our London Lash collection, and we'll also share some styling inspiration to get you started with your Ombre Lashes!

Three boxes of ombre lash extensions with an aesthetic background. One of the trays is laying down in front of the others and is partially open

Why Ombre Lashes?

Our Ombre Lashes come in three gorgeous colours: pink, purple, and blue. The colour is only at the very ends of the lash extensions, giving a delicate pop of colour that’s understated but noticeable.

We chose pink, purple, and blue because they’re the fan favourites of Lash Techs from our coloured lashes range. These lashes are available in 0.07 thickness, which is our go-to choice for Russian Volume Lashes, allowing you to create lash fans of up to 5D. To help you tailor looks for your clients, these lashes come in mixed-length trays from 8-14mm and are available in C, CC, and D Curls—the most sought-after lash curls. 

Three strips of ombre lash extensions on a lash palette showing the transition from black to pink

Another great advantage of using Ombre Lashes is that their black bases mean you can stick with your usual eyelash glue, rather than switching to a clear lash glue like Crystal Bond, which we recommend for fully coloured lashes.

Lastly, these lashes are made from the same soft, shiny, easy-to-fan fibre as our beloved Mayfair Faux Mink Lashes. So if you’re familiar with our Mayfair Lashes, these will feel quite similar but with a fresh twist! 

Inspo For Lash Styles With Ombre Lashes

Because Ombre Lashes have just a hint of colour at their tips, they’re perfect for those even top lines for Russian Volume Lashes. With this lash style technique, you’ll be concentrating the colour in one area, making it more eye-catching when used across the entire lash line.

how to apply lash extensions with an even top line

Even with this lash technique, the colour remains subtle, making Ombre Lashes perfect for clients who are curious about coloured lashes but not ready to go all in. They’ll get that beautiful pop of colour (and the head-turns it brings) in bright lights or daylight.

Check out this lash set by London Lash Master Artist and Lash Trainer Iryna Prylypko, using a Cat Eye lash map with C and CC curls, ranging from 9mm to 14mm.

a cat eye lash mapping style using purple ombre lashes

Another way to style Ombre Lashes is to experiment with trendy lash looks like Wet Look Lashes. The set below features blue Ombre Lashes, adding a playful twist to Wet Look Lashes while keeping it more subtle than fully coloured lashes. Besides elevating a popular lash style like Wet Look Lashes, the blue tips also help to soften the overall appearance by balancing out the intensity of black lashes. 

a set of wet look lashes using blue ombre lash extensions

There are countless ways for you to style Ombre Lashes for your clients, and we’ve only just scratched the surface! Don’t forget to tag us in your ombre lash sets on Instagram—we can’t wait to see your creations!