5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Account to Make More MONEY!

Would you like to generate more traffic to your business, improve your Instagram quality and finally start making 1000s in profit?


These are the 5 mistakes YOU are making on Instagram that are preventing you from growing your business! 

If you are guilty of any of these mistakes - don’t panic! Learn from your mistakes, make the changes and see your Instagram flourish

  1. Having a Private Instagram Account 
  2. Not mentioning your geolocation in your bio - err hello? How do you expect clients to book you if they don't know where you are base
  3. Posting information that is irrelevant to your clients i.e fanning methods
  4. Posting low quality dark images (Check out our blog post here on how YOU can improve your lash photography!)
  5. Not posting photographs of yourself or your salon! Clients LOVE a personal touch! Show them the face behind your business!


The main mistake Lash technicians make on is Instagram is expecting their Instagram to grow itself instead of actively working on page promotion. 

Simply spend 1 hour a day reaching out to potential clients - liking, commenting, collaborating with other accounts, doing giveaways, etc. 

That is when you will see your hard work truly pay off and the client's flood in! 

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