Sun, Sea, And Stunning Lashes: Aftercare Advice For Summer-Ready Lash Extensions

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s also that time of year where your clients will be jetting off on holiday, and looking for the perfect long-lasting, low maintenance beauty options. This means eyelash extensions are an absolute must! They’re perfect for making your client look and feel fantastic with flawless lashes day and night. With the right care, your clients will easily be able to keep their lashes looking great!

beach holiday in the summer

How Can Your Clients Prep for Their Holiday?

When booking their appointment, you should advise your clients that their lash extensions treatment needs to be scheduled for at least 48 hours before the day they will be going away. Those new lashes need to be protected for the first 24 hours after treatment. Avoiding the lashes getting wet, or exposing them to hot and humid conditions, just like your client’s fabulous holiday destination has, will give the eyelash glue a chance to form secure bonds between the natural lashes and the eyelash extensions. This in turn, will result in better retention for your client’s lashes while they are away. 

An extra step you can add to your treatments that will increase your client's lash retention, is to use a lash sealant like Superbonder. This will help increase the flexibility of the bonds and seal them, which will protect them from water, sweat, and humidity. 


Close-up of eye lash extensions and under eye patches

What Should Your Clients Avoid While on Holiday? 

We all know sunburn is one of the main problems you can experience while on holiday, and a good sunscreen is the best way to prevent it. So with that being said, your clients need to be mindful of the type of sunscreen they use. Using tanning oil or an oil-based sunscreen can affect the lash extension bonds! Another helpful tip is to remind your clients to make sure they wash their hands after applying tanning oil or sunscreen, in case they accidentally touch or wipe their eyes. Applying moisturising lotion too close to their lashes is also another thing for your client to watch out for. 

Exposing their new lashes to extreme heat is another factor your client needs to be aware of. Using steam rooms and saunas can have a negative impact on lash extension retention, as the intense temperature can weaken the bonds of the lashes. However, if your client is still insistent that they absolutely HAVE to visit their hotel’s onsite sauna, then they should wait at least 24 hours after their lash appointment before going. Being careful to keep a safe distance from any hot grills and campfires is also important, as the heat and smoke generated by them can also affect the lash bonds. 

If your client wants to know if swimming with lash extensions is fine, then you should let them know that over exposure to chlorinated pool water can eventually cause the lash bonds to weaken. A better alternative where they can still enjoy the water and cool off, is to swim in the ocean instead, as ocean water is a lot more lash friendly. 


Premature shedding of lash extensions

How Can Your Clients Look After Their Lashes?

An important aftercare tip you should encourage your clients to follow to maintain their lash extensions, is brushing their lashes once a day with an eyelash brush. Although they should hopefully be doing so already, it doesn’t hurt to emphasise that this will help to keep the lashes from getting tangled and looking their best. 

Our most important aftercare advice by far, is for your clients to have a daily lash cleansing routine! Your client should be cleaning their lashes twice a day with an eyelash brush and an eyelash shampoo. Doing this will help to keep the dirt, sweat, and oil at bay, whilst also preventing the lash follicles from getting clogged and causing their eyes to feel itchy. We all know rubbing your eyes means saying goodbye to your lash extensions! 

Wearing sunglasses is also a top tip for your client when trying to protect their lashes. Due to the hotter temperature making the lash glue more malleable, wearing sunglasses is perfect for looking stylish while protecting those lashes. 

Holiday Travel Essentials for Your Clients 

Here’s a handy list of holiday travel essentials you can recommend for your clients to take with them that makes looking after their eyelash extensions quick and easy:

  1. Eyelash brush - as we mentioned earlier, brushing the lashes is one of the best ways to look after them.

  2. Lash conditioner - the perfect way to hydrate the lashes and prevent them from drying out in the heat.

  3. Swimming goggles - if your client is planning on going to a water park while they’re away, wearing goggles will be useful when going down a water slide and shielding the lashes from a blast of water to the face!

summer holiday packing essentials


So there you have it, our best advice for your clients to help protect their lashes and maintain great retention while they’re away enjoying some much needed sun. However, we also know that not all of your clients may be sun worshipers, and would rather vacation in a colder climate. If so, then check out part two of this duet where we’ll give you even more helpful advice you can pass on to your clients to protect their lashes against the colder weather!