Set Goals & Watch Your Business Grow

Whether you’re about to start your own lash business or you’ve been self-employed for a little while now, it’s only natural that you have ideas for growth already! Having plans to make your business the biggest and the best is a very normal part of an entrepreneurial mindset - it’s one of the things that sets you apart - but how can we ensure steady business growth, without burning out or becoming discouraged? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a few of our top tips for helping you get your lash extension business off the ground and growing sustainably.

Hanna Putjato London Lash Pro Founder

Set Small Goals to Begin With

Hands up if you’ve thought to yourself ‘I want to earn 6 figures a year, have a million Instagram followers and go on holiday to Bali every year!’, I mean it’s kind of the dream, isn’t it? Dreaming big is never a bad idea - it’s what keeps us hopeful and what gets us out of bed in the morning to strive to achieve big things - but dreaming and goal setting are two entirely different things, which we need to be super clear about if we’re ever going to get our business off the ground and keep it moving.

When it comes to setting goals, rather than setting huge goals that are overwhelming and, frankly, unattainable at the beginning of every career, try to set smaller goals which are challenging, but still within reach. That way, if you fall short you’re only falling a little short of the goal you set, and if you surpass it then you’ll be super motivated to smash your next goal! 

Running a business isn’t easy, but we don’t need to make it harder by adding undue pressure to ourselves! Smaller goals add up and eventually you’ll be soaring to heights that seemed impossible when you were just starting out.

Stop Comparing

We’re all guilty of looking at other Lash Artists, beauty salons, and influencers and drawing comparisons between them and ourselves. A little bit of friendly competition is good and a bit of motivation is always great! But if you find that you’re looking over at other Lash Techs and feeling down about yourself, STOP! The only person you need to be comparing yourself to is the past you - have you grown? Do you have more followers than before? Do you have a larger client base? If yes, great! Keep doing what you’re doing. If not, think about why not - could you be doing more on your social media or website to entice new clients, could you set up a little welcome offer or loyalty scheme? 

Constantly checking out what others are doing usually isn’t going to make you or your business any better, it’ll more than likely be demotivating and can even conjure up some resentment!

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Dedicate Time to Growth

This might sound like a very obvious one but think about how you are going to achieve these goals. Don’t stop the sentence at ‘I want to gain 100 new followers on Instagram this month’ - get in the habit of following that up with ‘ using area specific hashtags so that it is easy for clients to find me. I will also look at how I can make my feed more visually appealing and exciting to potential clients.’, be your own motivator and push yourself to fulfil your goals.

If your goal is to grow online set aside time to do that! Read our blog post on growing your social media presence next. Put an hour a week in your calendar where you work on content, like client selfies, look into which hashtags will get clients through your door. Have a really critical look at the content you're posting and think about whether it's exciting for clients.

Never underestimate the power of ‘I will achieve X by doing Y’ statements - they’re the key to achievable growth!

Set Yourself Deadlines

A goal without a deadline is just a statement without any real meaning - between your ‘I want to achieve X’ and your ‘I will do this by doing Y’, throw in a ‘... by the end of March’ or ‘over the next six weeks’. This ensures you don’t become complacent with achieving the goals you set for yourself!

This deadline can be short-term, or can be a longer-term goal if it’s something a bit bigger - just make sure you have a clear idea of when you expect to see this play out, otherwise it’s very easy to become complacent and end up not achieving any goals at all. Organisation and commitment will deliver results.

Hanna Putjato Founder of London Lash Pro

Don’t Expect it to Happen Overnight

One aspect that can disappoint and demotivate a lot of lash business owners is how long it can take to really get the business off the ground - we hear stories about eyelash extension businesses that reach incredible heights very quickly but what we don’t hear about are the hundreds of little businesses by individuals that take a while to pick up. Remember, slow and steady - lots of little wins add up to huge successes.

This comes back to the first point about settling little goals rather than huge tasks - all those little milestones that you reach will be what adds up to your business really being what you hope it will be some day. 


We can't stress this enough - in order to be effective at anything, you need to take time to rest from time to time! It feels counterproductive, you could be using time to go over your numbers or your lash stock but trust us on this, resting is one of the most effective things you can do for productivity.

Whether it's taking a week's holiday or taking the day off to get brunch with friends you need to take breaks every now and then. At the very least, go phone free after 6pm so that you have a few hours of quiet time before going back to the life of a business owner again in the morning.