How to Make MORE MONEY: Why You Should Be Retailing Products to Your Clients 

As a business owner, you know that two of the most important things to focus on for business longevity are making money and making your clients happy - one easy way to do both of those things is to simply have products on hand to retail to them after their treatment to keep their results looking fresh for longer - there’s no reason the feeling of a great treatment has to end when their appointment slot finishes! So, what exactly can you retial to your clients? 

Foaming Lash Cleanser

This is a great thing to offer to anyone having lash extensions treatments in particular because it provides a gentle but thorough cleanse - foam cleanser is able to get into every nook and cranny along the lash line to really keep the eyes safe and healthy. You can grab these in packs of 9, or for an extra touch you can get them as bundles with a lash cleansing brush - while using fingertips is perfectly fine, there’s something that feels a little bit more luxurious about using a cleansing brush.

Just to let you know, our lash shampoo contains tea tree extract which is a natural antibacterial ingredient, but it can be a little bit intense for some clients with more sensitive skin - for those clients, try InLei® Foam Cleanser instead - these can also be purchased in packs of 9 and also come in different scents which all smell amazing! They’re a little more gentle for those clients with sensitive skin. 

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Adiutrix Lash and Brow Serum

Now, this isn’t something you’d recommend to your lash extensions clients because it’s not going to do them any good where eyelash extensions retention is concerned - while Adiutrix doesn’t work in exactly the same way as other serums, it does make the lashes grow faster which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for a fresh looking lash set between infills. Instead, offer Adiutrix to those clients who are coming to you for a lash lift and/or any brow treatment - it’s a really great serum where brow and lash maintenance are concerned so will do wonders for your clients’ lashes and brows between treatments. 

Adiutrix also feels pretty luxurious - it comes in lovely packaging so has a great unboxing experience, it smells good and it feels nice on the brows and lashes, it also works exactly as advertised, so will definitely be a hit with clients! 

So Henna Brow Oil

This is primarily for those clients having brow henna treatments - it helps to keep the colour fresh on the skin as the skin around the brows stays hydrated and it also promotes brow hair growth thanks to the mixture of oils in it. You can get small 10ml roller bottles (which are ideal for handbags), or larger 30ml bottles - ideally you’ll be using the 30ml bottles to finish off your brow treatments in the salon and retailing the 10ml bottles to your clients, but if they get hooked on it (which they’re likely to!) then why not retail the 30ml bottles? 

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Brow Soap

This is one for your Brow Lamination Babes - Brow Soap is somewhere between a gel and a pomade, texturally speaking and just helps you to keep your brow hairs in the perfect position. Sell one of these to your clients along with the included mascara wand and their brows will effortlessly look flawless between appointments!

FInally, with regards to pricing, we’d recommend adding between £2-5 on to the price that you pay for the shampoo to ensure that you’re turning a profit as well as ensuring your clients will have the best possible aftercare!