Why Only Qualified Lash Artists Should Remove Eyelash Extensions

Today, we're diving into a topic that holds great importance for not only Lash Artists, but their clients too – why only Lash Techs should be entrusted with removing eyelash extensions. In a world teeming with DIY solutions and social media hacks, some matters require the skills and expertise of a professional. Eyelash extension removal is undoubtedly one of them. Just as applying those lash extensions requires a professional touch, taking them off should also be left to the experts! So we’ve put together this list of all the risks involved with clients choosing to remove eyelash extensions at home, and the reasons why they should be leaving it to you.

Lash supplies for eyelash extension removal

Expert Lash Glue Product Knowledge

Lash Techs practically have a Ph.D. in eyelash glue dynamics. You know the formulas and properties of your lash glue, which ones work best, and how to handle them safely when applying eyelash extensions. If your client has decided that they want to save themselves some time and money and try their hand at dissolving those eyelash glue bonds at home with a concoction of who-knows-what, this will result in not only a total lash disaster, but can also lead to irritation, redness, and even potential eye damage with chemical burns! The chemistry of eyelash extension removal is complex, and it's best left to you, the expert. We carry two strong lash glue dissolving products, Cream Remover and Gel Remover which are for professional use only. These products require careful placement and patience, as lash glue needs time to re-activate, and for the lash extensions to be removed safely before all the eyelash extension glue residue is cleaned entirely.

Eyelash extension glue for eyelash extensions

Traumatised Lashes!

Only you, a qualified Lash Tech, possess the skilled touch and knowledge needed to navigate this tricky task without causing damage to your clients’ natural lashes. For some clients who’ve had eyelash extensions removed before, and have seen how your practised hands have removed them with ease, they may think that their lash extensions will also slide off like a breeze if they were to remove the lashes themselves at home. However, this definitely isn’t the case. The natural lashes can get caught up in the mix, even if your client is tugging gently at those eyelash extensions, which will end up causing unnecessary pain, and could even cause permanent lash loss! Furthermore, if your client notices their natural lashes shedding at the end of their growth cycle (and taking their lash extensions along with them) they may think their lashes are ready to come off and begin pulling and tugging on perfectly healthy lashes in order to remove all of their lash extensions. Consider this your client’s warning against playing tug of war with their lashes. 

Eyelash extensions removal

Risky Eye Infections

Let's talk about hygiene, shall we? As a professional you use sterilised tools and specially adapted techniques to ensure a clean eyelash extension removal. Whereas if your client is attempting at-home removal, they are exposing themselves to the risk of infections due to inadequate sterilisation, a gamble not worth taking when it involves the health of their eyes. It is worth noting that we always suggest that you use Protein Removing Pads, Cleanser and Primer at the end of each lash extension removal. This is because we want all of the lash glue residue to be gone. Using both Protein Removing Pads and Cleanser will provide a deeper clean of those hard-to-see areas, and will ensure there’s no pesky eyelash glue re-curing on the clean lashes. Primer will help to rehydrate and promote the health of your client’s natural lashes. Bacterial infections are no joke and can result in redness, swelling, and a trip to the doctor. Trust us, a nasty eye infection is not the kind of souvenir your client will want from their DIY escapade.

Chemical burn vs allergic reaction

The Subtle Art of Eye Safety 

Your clients’ eyes deserve the VIP treatment, always. As a Lash Tech you have mastered the nuances of safely removing eyelash extensions in a way that doesn't compromise your client’s visual health or cause any harm. Whether you are using the careful banana peel technique or pulling out lash fans with your lash tweezers, the eyes and the skin surrounding them are delicate, so they definitely require a skilled hand and the right knowledge when performing such a complex treatment. Rough handling during DIY eyelash extension removal can lead to redness, swelling, and even corneal scratches. Your clients won't want to risk impairing their vision just to save a few pounds if they knew of the potential damage that they could cause to their eyes.

Lash Artist removing eyelash extensions

Regrowth Woes For Natural Lashes 

If your client has tried to remove their gorgeous lash extensions themselves, then they might find that they’ve been left with uneven lash growth and unsightly gaps in their lash line. Natural lashes take time to catch up, so removing eyelash extensions incorrectly without the appropriate training means your client will be rewarded with a less-than-flattering look. Patience is a virtue when it comes to lashes! Fortunately we know you have your clients’ backs even after the extensions are gone since you’ll be able to give them tips on nurturing their natural lashes to make sure they're back in tip-top shape. 

How to remove eyelash extensions at home

In a world where shortcuts are tempting, it’s important to remind your clients that some just aren’t worth it if they compromise not only their appearance, but also their well-being. When it's time for them to part with their lash extensions, encourage them to forgo the DIY route for the sake of convenience, and entrust this process to a fully qualified Lash Tech. As a Lash Artist you are the real expert, and the superhero of eyelash extension removal. You've trained for this, mastered the art, and have the tools to ensure a smooth transition.