Lash Extension Essentials 101: Products Every Lash Tech Should Have

If you're a Lash Tech that’s passionate about perfecting your craft, then you're probably on the lookout for the latest and greatest products to enhance your lash game. Some essential lash supplies that every Lash Artist should have in their lash extension kit are: Lash Cleanser, Lash Primer, Lash Booster, and Lash Sealant. These four products play unique roles in ensuring a flawless lash application. So, since we’re often asked what the differences between these products are and why they’re so important, we’ve made things nice and easy with this breakdown of what they are, their uses, and how to incorporate them into your lash treatments. 

1. Lash Cleanser: A Lash Hygiene Essential

Cleansing is a crucial step in maintaining healthy natural lashes and extending the life of eyelash extensions. So before you start applying the lash extensions, it's essential to ensure the natural lashes are clean and free from any oils, makeup, or residue. Cleanser helps to prepare the natural lashes for lash extension application by removing any dirt, makeup, or oils that might interfere with the eyelash glue bonds.Lash cleanser for natural lashes and individual lashes

How to use:

  1. You can either apply a drop of Cleanser directly onto your microfibre eyelash brush, or add a drop of Cleanser onto a lash glue stone and dip your microfibre lash brush into it and wipe off any excess product.

  2. Use a second microfibre lash brush to “sandwich” the natural lashes between the two eyelash brushes and gently wipe the natural lashes from root to tip, paying close attention to their roots. Repeat this process throughout the lash line on both eyes.

Lash cleanser application to natural lashes and individual lashes with lash brush

London Lash Top Tip: Make sure that you don’t have too much product on your microfibre lash brush. Wipe off any excess before applying Cleanser, as over-saturation of Cleanser can cause it to run into your client’s eyes or irritate their skin! 

2. Lash Primer: The Lash Adhesive Optimiser

Primer is another vital component of any Lash Artist's lash extension kit. It works by restoring the moisture of natural lashes after using Cleanser and balancing the pH levels, creating an optimal environment for the eyelash glue and stronger bonding between the natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Using Primer also ensures that the lash adhesive works at its best and speeds up the drying time of the lash glue, resulting in longer-lasting extensions.Lash primer for natural lashes and individual lashes

How to use:

  1. Make sure to use Primer AFTER using Cleanser.

  2. Using the pipette, apply a small drop of primer onto a microfibre eyelash brush.

  3. With a microfibre lash brush, apply Primer evenly to natural lashes, focusing on their base - the ‘glue zone.’ Like with Cleanser, repeat this process throughout the lash line on both eyes. Allow it to dry for a few seconds before you start applying the lashes.

Lash primer application to natural lashes and individual lashes

London Lash Top Tip: Again, ensure that you don’t have too much product on your microfibre eyelash brush. Wipe off any excess before applying Primer, and always make sure your clients keep their eyes closed tightly throughout the entire application process. 

3. Lash Booster: The Lash Lifesaver

Let's talk about Booster. This is a game-changer when it comes to lash adhesion. It's essentially a lash glue additive designed to improve the bond between the natural lashes and the eyelash extensions. Natural lashes usually have a smooth and silky texture, which can result in the lash extensions ‘sliding off.’ With its Alkaline qualities, Booster gently opens up the hair cuticles of the natural lashes without damaging them, enabling the lash glue to grip onto the hair cuticles better. This helps your client's natural lashes stay healthy and extends the life of their lash extensions. Lash booster for eyelash extensions

To increase lash retention:

Apply Booster with a microfibre eyelash brush on the natural lashes after Cleanser and Primer to slightly open hair cuticles and increase the surface for better grip and adhesion. This tiny step can make a world of difference in the retention of your lash extensions. It's a small investment for big results!

Lash booster application to natural lashes and individual lashes

To speed up lash treatments:

Apply Booster with a microfibre eyelash brush on the base of the eyelash extensions strip in the box or on your lash palette to prevent the lash glue from running up the fibre and closing your hand-made lash fans. This makes the application of Russian Volume lashes easier and more efficient!Lash booster application to eyelash extensions with an eyelash brush

London Lash Top Tip: Don’t use Booster on Easy Fanning lashes! Easy Fanning Lashes are made up of multiple layers of lashes adhered together with a very fine non-cyanoacrylate adhesive. Booster can melt this adhesive and make the Easy Fanning lashes difficult to apply.  

4. Superbonder Lash Sealant: The Ultimate Bond Enhancer

Superbonder is your secret weapon for achieving a stronger bond between the lash extensions and the natural lashes. This incredible product adds elasticity to the lash adhesive, ensuring the lash glue bonds don't break as easily, which improves eyelash extension retention. Superbonder also instantly polymerises the eyelash extension glue without shock-curing it, locking in the fumes from the adhesive. With the lash glue fumes contained, any irritation and sensitivity your clients may face will be significantly reduced. Sealing the lash glue bonds also provides a protective layer against environmental factors, meaning the lashes are instantly safe to get wet! It's particularly handy for clients who love to swim, sauna, or simply want to extend the life of their lashes.

Lash sealant for eyelash extensions and eyelash extension glue

How to use: 

  1. Once you've completed your lash set, squeeze 1 small drop of Superbonder onto a microfibre eyelash brush and carefully apply it to the bottom 2-3mm of the eyelash set. Make sure to apply only a small drop of the product to avoid getting it into your client's eye, which could cause eye irritation and pain.

  2. Allow the product to dry for 1-2 minutes. 

  3. Remove the under-eye patches and let your client open their eyes.

Lash sealant being applied to eyelash extensions by a Lash Technician

London Lash Top Tip: Superbonder should only be applied to the eyelash glue area with a microfibre eyelash brush after you’ve finished the treatment. We don’t recommend using Superbonder in Nanomisters or similar devices as it may cause skin irritation or other side effects for you and your clients. Not to mention, it’s a huge waste of product!

Lash sealant application to eyelash glue on eyelash extensions

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your lash journey, these products will help you achieve remarkable results. When used correctly, they contribute to better eyelash extension retention, healthier natural lashes, and happier clients. By incorporating these products into your pretreatment routine, you'll leave your clients with stunning, long-lasting lashes!