Movie Inspired Lash Mapping For Coloured Eyelash Extensions


Today marks the release of the highly anticipated live-action Barbie movie release in the UK. So we thought as a fun way to celebrate this, we’d give you some beautiful Barbie lash mapping inspo. Whilst we’re at it, we’ve got some coloured lash extension maps that have drawn their creative influence from some of the most infamous film characters and their iconic looks! From Barbie realness to Disney Princess royalty, and even notorious Disney Villains, we’ve got you and your clients covered! 

Hi Barbie! 

You know we had to kick things off with our childhood (and now adulthood!) icon that is none other than Barbie herself! One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Barbie is the gorgeous pink that the famous franchise is known for. So this Barbie-inspired lash look we’ll cover is one that includes her signature colour. The best way to do this is to incorporate pink-coloured lash extensions into your client’s lash look, which our London Lash Pink Mayfair coloured lashes are perfect for. You can use them to create a set of lashes that has a pop of colour with pink intermittent spikes throughout, or try mixing and matching several complementary pink shades together for a seamless ombre look. 

However, for your clients that may want something a little bit more subtle, but still want to live out their full Barbie fantasy, then you can offer them an effortlessly glam eyeliner style of lash extensions. To achieve a dark eyeliner look you’ll need to use short and narrow base lash fans and super-long lash spikes. Working with the natural lashes in layers ensures a full, fluffy, and multidimensional set of lashes.Lash mapping for Barbie style eyelash extensions

Layer 1

For the first layer of lashes, you will need to split the lash line into 6 sections. Similar to a Squirrel lash map, the lash extensions will increase in length from the middle of the eye and closer to the outer edge. Then you’ll gradually decrease the lengths as you reach the outer corner of the eye. In order for you to create light and fluffy narrow fans, we recommend using our Mayfair Volume Lashes.

Layer 2

The second layer lashes are going to be 1 mm longer in length than the first layer, and continue with the same lash placement we described for layer 1.

Layer 3 

For the third layer, you want to increase the length of the inner half of the eye, whilst keeping the length the same for the outer half. This will help you to create the open-eyed Barbie Doll look that we want.

Lash Spikes

To create the desired lash flick that clients love, from the inner corner of the eye you will gradually increase the lashes in length by 1mm until you reach the outer corner, for a subtle swooping flick.

Lash Mapping Fit For A Princess!

To some, Mermaid-inspired lash extensions are a dream come true when it comes to the perfect fantasy lash extensions set. This style of lashes has become very popular amongst clients, especially with the release of the live-action Little Mermaid film. Ria Biggerstaff, who is the very talented Lash Technician behind Ariel's lashes, has kindly collaborated with London Lash to help us create a mermaid-inspired lash map! This is the lash mapping she used for the movie, so your clients will be able to become real-life Disney princesses! For this lash look Ria has used B-curls and C-curls because of their more natural shape to give the appearance of enhanced natural lashes. A few bold lash spikes have been added in the outer quarter of the lashes to compliment this look. A way you can further elevate this look for your clients who like to be a little more daring is to add in some coloured lashes in aquatic tones like blue, purple, green and even a hint of silver for a pop of colour.

Lash mapping for mermaid lash extensions

Magnificent Maleficent Cat Eye Lash Extensions

Maleficent first swooped onto the silver screen in 1959 in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty and has remained an iconic and captivating villain ever since - especially Angelina Jolie’s portrayal in the live-action adaptation. So if your clients are looking for a bewitching set of lash extensions, then a classy Cat Eye style with a burst of deep purple and emerald green coloured lashes is perfect for achieving this. To create this lash set you’ll need to mark out the middle of the eye so that your set is symmetrical across both eyes. The sections towards the inner corner will be much wider than those in the outer corner to help with elongation. Split the final section of the outer corner into three equal parts for a sweeping flick toward the outer corner of the eye. This sweeping flick is the perfect place to add the pop of colour we mentioned previously to create an enchanting set of lashes.

Lash mapping for Cat Eye style eyelash extensions

Harley Quinn’s Quirky Lash Spikes

More of a villain turned antihero, turned superhero, there is much fun to be had with the colour combinations you can use for this lash look if you’re drawing inspiration from the colour palettes used for Harley Quinn’s characters. For this lash look, we have gone with the colour scheme for Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn for lash extensions with vibrant pink and blue spikes. The spikes for the right eye will be pink and the spikes for the left eye will be blue. Intermittent lash spikes are an excellent way to incorporate a flare of colour into a set of wispy lashes without it being overkill! Once you have mapped your client’s lashes, you’ll then need to add the intermittent lash spikes at regular intervals to create an even-looking lash line. Adding the lash spikes to your client’s upper and lower lash layers will prevent any visible gaps when your client’s lashes naturally shed. You could also use this method for a set of Classic lashes and Russian Volume lashes as well if your client would prefer them! Our range of coloured lashes includes 0.15 lashes which are perfect for adding some colour to Classic lash extensions, and 0.07 lashes to create gorgeous Volume fans up to 5D.

TOP TIP: To create your spikes, we suggest adding Primer to a Micro Fiber lash brush and applying it to the tips of the lash extensions whilst they are on the strip to form closed fans. 

Lash mapping for coloured eyelash extensions

Cruella De Vil: 101 Eyelash Extensions

A villainous icon that appeared on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains, we couldn’t miss out on the chance to create a fabulous set of Cruella lash extensions. This set uses the monochromatic looks Cruella is famous for with a daring dash of red! For our Cruella-inspired look we have opted for a Squirrel style of Volume lashes for their flattering open-eye look that will perfectly compliment the colour palette used. This style of lash mapping follows the brow arch and is quite similar to the growth of the natural lashes, meaning it’s quite a universal lash map which will suit most of your clients! For this lash map, you’ll need to make sure that you mark the middle of the eyes to mark the section where the black lashes will be applied and where the white lash extensions will be, so you can ensure the set is symmetrical. 

Similar to the placement of intermittent lash spikes, you’ll want to apply the red lash fans at even intervals throughout the lower lash line for better definition and to make them more visible. This will provide a nice accent of colour that’s not overpowering. We recommend doing the red layer of lashes first to get the bottom layer of lashes done and out of the way, before moving on to the white and black lashes. The white lash extensions will be applied from the middle to the outer corner of the eye and the black lashes will be applied from the middle to the inner corner of the eye. Whilst you can use a normal black pigmented lash glue for the black and red lash extensions, we recommend using a clear lash glue like Crystal Bond to avoid discolouration of the white lash extensions.

Lash mapping for coloured eyelash extensions


We hope that you have found these lash maps to be a fun way for your clients to embody some of Hollywood’s most iconic movie characters in their bold lash looks. We would love to see your own lash looks that have been inspired by famous film stars, so don’t forget to tag our Instagram page so we can admire your gorgeous lash work!