Answering The All Important Question!

'Can I have the same as my friend?' How many times have you heard that as a Lash Technician? We’ve all been there, seeing our friends wearing a beautiful dress or gorgeous shoes that they make look so appealing and therefore we want to wear them too. However, it’s simply not possible with our lash extensions. There are so many things to consider when it comes to extensions. From eye shape, to curl pattern, lash extensions require skill, knowledge and practise, so creating the same result person to person, may (for the most part) be a different outcome.

Eye Shape Chart with Suitable Lash Extension Styles

Consulting the Client

Every time a client asks for the same lashes as their friends, here’s a list of reasons why this can’t be:

  1. We all have different shapes of eyes and the lash style should differ to compliment each individual.
  2. We all have different size eyes and natural eyelash lengths, this is why extension length is decided on what will suit the client's eye size best.
  3. We all have a different curl to our natural lashes and lash curl will be decided to compliment this.
  4. We all have different amounts of lashes per eyes so the lash volume will differ between individuals. Will their suit classic or volume lashes, are their lashes weaker and need Flat Lashes which weight half that of a Classic lash?
  5. We all have a different personal style so our eyelashes should complement this also.

It is important to create a client experience that is tailored and bespoke for the individual and it’s not always easy to tell a client ‘no.’ Instead, use these reasons to let them know that you’re doing exactly what’s best for them, to make them feel and look the best they can. After all, you want to enhance theirnatural beauty and keep them coming back. Consulting with your client is important, so ask questions, be informative and try to offer what is best for them. This will sway them from wanting the exact same look as their friend. Read our blog all about Client Consultations next.

Consultation for Eyelash Extensions

If A Client Is Adamant On Their Desired Look

Of course, you cannot always convince a client to go with what you suggest. While these types of clients can be difficult because after all, you know the look may not suit their eye shape, keep trying. If a client wants Cat Eye lashes, but you know their eyes are too wide, suggest Squirrel, a similar lifting lash look, which is more complimentary for clients with wider eye shapes. Attempt to give the client a closely matched service to their initial desires. 

Be assertive. As noted, you're the professional and don't be afraid to make that known. Show your client examples of uncomplimentary styles of eye shapes which they may want. This will not only be informative, but it will convince your client that they may not be satisfied with the final result, and after all, you're interested in providing and exceptional service.

Read more about mapping lash extensions for different eye shapes in this blog post for further information.