How To Pick The Right Lash Mapping Style for Different Eye Shapes

As a Lash Tech, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of our clients' eyes and create a captivating, alluring look that leaves them feeling fabulous. One crucial aspect of achieving this is understanding how different eye shapes can benefit from specific eyelash extension mapping styles. As we know, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to eyelash extensions, each client has unique features so it’s important to choose the right lash mapping style to complement your client's eye shape. So let's break down which lash mapping styles work best for different eye shapes.

Lash mapping for eyelash extensions

Round Eyes: Go Dramatic With Cat Eye Lash Mapping

Round eyes are naturally large and expressive. This eye shape allows for a wide range of lash mapping styles, but one of the most popular and flattering options is the Cat Eye look. This style elongates the eyes, creating a captivating, feline-inspired appearance. Focus on adding longer lash extensions to the outer corners of the eyes and gradually tapering them towards the inner corners. This will give your client's eyes a stunning lift and a playful allure. 

Lash mapping for Cat Eye lash extensions

Almond-Shaped Eyes: Enhance The Elegance With Doll Eye Lash Mapping

Almond-shaped eyes are often considered the most versatile eye shape and are known for their symmetry and balanced proportions. To enhance this shape, opt for the Doll Eye lash mapping style. This style features an even distribution of lash extensions across the entire lash line, creating a wide-eyed, doe-like effect. Focus on maintaining a tapered length and curl throughout the lashes, with a slight emphasis on the centre for that captivating open-eye look.  

Lash mapping for Doll Eye lash extensions

Upturned Eyes: Complement And Captivate With Natural Look Lashes

For clients with upturned eyes, the goal is to enhance their natural eye shape and create a more balanced appearance. Upturned eyes have a slight lift at the outer corners, which can already provide a captivating look. However, to further emphasise and complement this eye shape, a lash mapping style that focuses on enhancing the upward lift and maintaining balance is ideal. So, for those with upturned eyes, focus on a Natural Look lash mapping style. Applying shorter lash extensions towards the centre of the eye and gradually lengthening them towards the outer corners will complement the natural upward tilt of the eyes, emphasising their charming shape.  

Lash mapping for Natural lash extensions

Downturned Eyes: Elevate The Upward Lift With Squirrel Style Lashes

Downturned eyes have a natural droop at the outer corners, which can make the eyes appear sad or tired. To counter this, use a mapping style that focuses on lifting the outer corners. To lift and brighten downturned eyes, opt for a Squirrel lash mapping style. Placing longer lash extensions from just after the middle point of the eyes and towards the outer corners will create a lifted effect that counters their downturned appearance. This technique will give the eyes a more youthful and inviting look.  

Lash mapping for Squirrel style eyelash extensions

Monolid Eyes: Add Depth With Manga Lashes

Similar to what we previously mentioned for hooded eyes, monolid eyes are also somewhat versatile. The lash mapping styles that suit them will depend on their size, shape and the distance between the eyes. Monolid eyes don't have a visible crease, so the goal is to create depth and dimension. To add depth and dimension to monolid eyes, employ a lash mapping style like Manga lashes that alternates short and long extensions along the lash line with lash spikes. This will create a textured, layered effect that makes the eyes pop, and stand out beautifully. This technique opens up the eyes and adds a touch of drama. 

Lash mapping for Anime lashes

Deep-Set Eyes: Soften The Look With Volume Doll Eye Lash Mapping

This type of eye shape is set deeper into the eye socket, so you'll want to focus on a lash map that brings the eyes out slightly. The Doll Eye lash mapping style with Volume lash fans is your go-to choice. This technique involves applying lightweight lash fans to the natural lashes, creating a fuller and more open-eyed look with the desired depth achieved with Volume lashes. This not only enhances the eyes but also adds a touch of glamour that deep-set eyes can pull off effortlessly.

Hooded Eyes: Lift And Define With Natural Look Lashes

Clients with hooded eyes often seek lash extensions to create the illusion of larger, more defined eyes. Whilst most lash mapping styles can be used for this eye shape depending on their size, shape, and the distance between the eyes, the key here is to keep it natural. A Natural Look lash mapping style is perfect for hooded eyes. By strategically placing shorter lash extensions from the inner corners, gradually increasing in length towards the middle, and then decreasing the lengths again towards the outer corners, you'll open up their eyes and add definition without overwhelming their lid space. 

Lash mapping for Natural lash extensions

Close-Set Eyes: Widen The Gaze With The Purrfect Cat Eye

For clients with close-set eyes, the goal is to visually widen the space between them. Applying longer eyelash extensions towards the outer corners in a lash mapping style like a Cat Eye will create the illusion of wider-set eyes. Avoid placing long lash extensions too close to the inner corners of the eyes, as this can make them appear closer together.

Lash mapping for Cat Eye lash extensions

Wide-Set Eyes: Balance The Look With Doll Eye Lash Mapping

On the flip side, when it comes to lashing wide-set eyes, the aim is to balance their appearance. This being so, makes the Doll Eye lash mapping style the perfect choice for these eyes. Apply longer extensions towards the middle of the eyes to draw attention inward, making the eyes appear closer together. This technique will create a more harmonious and balanced look.  

Lash mapping for Doll Eye lash extensions

Remember, these eyelash extension mapping styles are not strict rules but rather guidelines, your clients are unique, and customisation is key. Always consult with your client about their preferences and take into consideration their natural lash length and density. Ultimately, it's your expertise and attention to detail that will ensure your clients walk out of your salon feeling like the best versions of themselves. So, let's keep perfecting our craft and making the world a more beautiful place, one lash at a time!