A Guide to the Best Lash Tweezers for Isolation, Stickie Separation and Russian Volume!

So, you’re new to lashing and you’re not sure which are the best lash tweezers for beginners? Or, you’re not new but you’re looking to update your lash kit, and you’re looking for a bit of info about which tweezers are best for you. Look no further, for we have compiled a handy little guide to help you choose the very best tweezers for all your lashing needs!

The Best Tweezers for Isolation

Like a lot of items in your lash kit, this will come down to your personal preference in many ways, which is why we have a few variations when it comes to shape. Let’s go through a few, and see which might be the best pair of isolation tweezers for you!

Straight Isolation Tweezers £12.99

These are what the vast majority of lash techs started with when the industry was a little bit newer so they’re very common to see in a lash tech’s kit. Named after their shape, these tweezers are straight up and down. 

In addition to isolating lashes to perfection, these tweezers are excellent for separating stickies! 

best tweezers for eyelash extensions

Angled Isolation Tweezers £15.99

These are a slightly angled version of a straight isolation tweezer, though not quite as angled as the curved variety. This just helps you to hold your wrist in a slightly different position to straight isolation tweezers, so for those of you with more stiff wrists or who just prefer a slight angle will benefit from these tweezers! 

Pointed Isolation Tweezers £12.99

These are somewhere in between a Straight Isolation Tweezer and an Angled Isolation Tweezer - again, these are just a variation on a classic which give you a slightly different angle to isolate at.

Curved Isolation Tweezers £12.99

These for me are a winner! They’re my personal favourite for isolation because the curved tips mean that I don’t have to strain my wrist at all or hold it at any kind of angle which doesn’t feel right to me - I can just rest my wrist on my client’s forehead (gently, of course!) and still get the perfect isolation! 

Multifunctional Tweezers £12.99

These are such a handy pair of tweezers to have in your collection - they’re perfect for isolation, giving you a great angle to isolate with, incredible for separating stickies, and they can even be used for making little volume fans (up to 3D) as they’re slightly more sturdy than other isolation tweezers

Every pair of isolation tweezers can also be used for picking up classic lashes - again, this comes down to personal preference, but for me, it’s curved isolation and multifunctional for classic lash sets! 

The Best Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Volume tweezers are specifically designed to pick up volume fans - surprising, I know What I mean by this is that they’re sturdier and have more grip than isolation tweezers. We also hand test every single pair of volume tweezers to make sure they are perfect for you, so you can count on quality! 

Multifunctional Tweezers £12.99

Again, these are great to have! For regular volume lashes these are great for up to 3D fans but these are such great tweezers to use for Easy Fanning lashes too, which don’t need as much manual input from you to be great fans. 

Regular Volume Tweezers £28.99

These are the OG London Lash tweezers - they’re characterised by having a thicker boot, giving you lots of control over the fan you’re picking up. These have just enough sharpness in the tip to help you create your fans on the strip (if that’s your favoured method) without being a danger to your fingers! 

best tweezers for eyelash extensions

Fine Tipped Volume Tweezers £31.99

These volume tweezers are our best selling tweezers ever! They have thinner tips than Regular Volume Tweezers as the name might suggest - these are a favourite among our trainers and our students! These are ideal for fans of all sizes, but come in especially handy for shorter lashes, simply because they take up less room on the fan!

Whichever tweezers take your fancy, you can be sure that there is something that will fit your needs! If you don’t get on with a pair, you can even send them back to exchange for the perfect pair.