The Power Of Preparation: Boosting Your Lash Business With A Strong Pre-Treatment Routine

If you don't have a pre-treatment routine for before you start applying eyelash extensions, then you might as well close your DMs and your lash salon, and call it a day - save yourself the stress of having to refund your clients when they wake up the next day without any lash extensions on because they all slide off overnight!

This may sound harsh, but it’s nothing compared to the kinds of messages you’ll get from clients whose lash retention will struggle as a result of an incomplete pre-treatment routine, so to save you all a lot of worry, we’re here to outline all the reasons that a good pre-treatment routine will help your eyelash extension business flourish!

Pretreatment products for cleansing natural lashes before eyelash extensions

Now, why is pre-treatment so important...?

Increased Eyelash Extension Retention Time

All we want is for our clients to come back to their infill appointment with lots of lash extensions left, so that we can focus on covering those newly grown natural lashes with eyelash extensions, and keep their lash sets looking full and fresh. Without pre-treatment, that simply won’t be the case. Why?

If you don’t cleanse the natural lashes prior to applying eyelash extensions, the lash extensions will simply slide off once your client goes to wash their lashes, getting rid of not only the dirt on their natural lashes but also taking their eyelash extensions with it. Whether you opt for a single step pre-treatment product like a Lash Shampoo, or the full five step routine we advise, you need to do it and you need to do it well!

Set of eyelash extensions with amazing retention

Your Lash Clients Will Know You Care!

It may sound silly because it’s all part of the treatment, but by carrying out a pre-treatment routine on your clients, you’re showing them that you care about their overall experience and their satisfaction. It’s true that most clients won’t have a deep understanding of what you’re doing and why, but to feel taken care of when you go for a beauty treatment is so important - clients will always remember how you made them feel, so it’s worth making them feel amazing!

Pretreating natural lashes with a lash cleanser and lash primer

Happy Clients = MORE Clients 

For the reasons above, it’s highly likely that in providing the very best treatment instead of the bare minimum you’ll get better reviews. You’ll let each client know that you care about their experience, the retention of their lash extensions, and how happy they are with your service. Remember that a happy client is likely to tell 3-4 of their friends, while an unhappy client is likely to tell 7-9 of their friends, and may even take to social media to spread the word further. Bad reviews are no fun at all to read - they will put you off your lash game for the entire day, so isn’t it better to make sure everyone’s lashes are happy and clean? 

Lash clients happy with their eyelash extensions

Nailing down a solid pre-treatment routine isn't just nice-to-have—it's a game-changer for your eyelash extension business and sets the stage for success! By taking the time to consult, cleanse, and prime like a pro, you're not only ensuring happy clients but also paving the way for your lash business to thrive. Investing in this crucial step will pay off big time, leading to satisfied clients, glowing reviews, and a booming business!