What Are Manga Lash Extensions? | Manga Eyelash Extensions Mapping

Manga style false lashes have always been really popular with cosplayers. They’re the perfect finishing touch for those who want their outfit to look complete, and do their favourite characters justice. But, what if we told you that your cosplay loving clients can achieve a more permanent version of this look? Or that manga lashes don’t necessarily have to be just for conventions? Let's take a look at how manga eyelash extensions are not only the perfect way to create the eye catching and dramatic look your clients desire for their amazing cosplay, but they can also be used as a way to elevate their daily makeup routine!

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Who are Manga Lashes for?

Manga lash extensions are great for those clients who enjoy a more dramatic everyday look, like to stay on trend, or just love anime and manga! This lash style has the power to make narrow shaped eyes appear more rounded and open. They’re also handy for those who want the best pictures of all the work and effort that has gone into creating their cosplay. This style of lashes are excellent for helping to balance out the attention drawn to both your client’s incredible costume, and also making their eyes and makeup pop, bringing the whole look together. It’s also important to note however, that manga style lashes aren’t only for the anime and manga lovers out there. This lash style is a great way to open up and enhance your client’s natural eye shape, while also adding some gorgeous drama to their everyday look.

What are Manga Lash Extensions?  

Manga style lash extensions are charactrised by longer, individual spiky lash segments that stand out against shorter, feathery lashes. This unique positioning of the eyelash extensions is what helps to create the exaggerated cartoon style eye shape that female manga and anime characters typically have. 

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How to Create Manga Eyes 

Manga lash extensions are usually applied to both the top, and the bottom lash lines, and can be adjusted to better suit and enhance your client’s eye shape. 

Upper lash Line Mapping

To make it easier when mapping the upper lash line for manga eyelashes, the lash extensions can be divided into two layers. The bottom layer will be where the shorter, feathery Kim K style lash extensions will be placed, and the top layer will be for the longer individual spikes. To create the spikes for the top layer, you’ll need to form a chunky pyramid shape for the central lash spike by supporting it with smaller spikes. This is how you’ll create really intense spikes that are more visible. Paying attention to the direction of the lashes is also important as the spikes will all have a specific placement and need to be spaced apart slightly more than you would when making a traditional wispy set.

For the top layer, we recommend using 0.05 closed fans or individual spikes, ranging from 10mm to 14mm, starting from the inner corner of the eye and up to the centre. From the centre to the outer corner of the eye, you’ll then go from 14mm back down to 10mm.  

For the middle layer, you'll want to be using 0.05 closed fans ranging from 8mm to 12mm. The placement of the extensions in this layer will be following the same as the top layer, to help support the larger spikes of the top layer.

For the bottom layer, you’ll be using 0.05 short wispy fans ranging from 6mm to 10mm. This layer will have the lighter looking lashes which are needed to help create the contrasting look we want to achieve. 

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How Long Will Manga Lash Extensions Last? 

Like any other style of lash extensions, the upper lash line for manga lashes can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your client’s natural lashes. However, the lower lash line extensions are shorter and more prone to falling out, so they will typically last about 14 days. 

Aftercare Tips for Manga Lash Extensions 

We highly recommend that your clients follow the right aftercare routine if they want to get the most out of their lash extensions. Lash extension aftercare is simple and really important for preventing lash breakage and premature shedding. The golden rule of retention for lash extensions is for your client to avoid getting their lashes wet for at least 24 hours after their treatment. This ensures the adhesive bonds remain intact and strong during this vulnerable time period, and promotes longevity. However, if you’d like to further increase your client’s lash retention during treatment, then using our Superbonder as part of your treatment routine is an absolute MUST! Using Superbonder will add elasticity to the bonds to help prevent breakage, and seals those bonds so your client’s lashes will be instantly waterproof!


Ensuring your clients have an excellent daily lash care routine is another way to aid lash retention. Brushing their lashes once a day with a lash brush will prevent the lashes from becoming tangled and messy, whilst helping to maintain the lash placement. Using a specialised lash shampoo and lash cleaning brush to cleanse their lashes twice a day, is the perfect way for your client to remove any build up of oils and dirt, which will help to avoid eye infections and irritation. 

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The secret to creating the perfect anime and manga eyes for your client, is all in the lashes!