Everything You Need To Know About 'Fake Friday'

By now, we’ve all heard of Black Friday, right? But what on Earth is 'Fake Friday'? Put very simply, Fake Friday is a new(ish) way that stores use to try to get ahead of the Black Friday sales, giving you even more of a chance to shop for your favourite items for less, and snag some new things you haven’t been able to try before. While early Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals are nothing new - we love giving you 10 days of Black Friday deals on your lash supplies - the term ‘Fake Friday’ seems to have surfaced very recently! We’re sure you have some questions, so here we are to answer them!

Black Friday sale deals for Black Friday UK

Question 1 - Are Fake Friday Prices Different to Black Friday Prices?

We can’t speak for every brand, and we also don’t want to give too much away, but there does seem to be a little trend where over Black Friday weekend deals get ever-so-slightly sweeter. While we do suggest having a look over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend to see what kinds of deals you can get on your lash supplies, we highly recommend getting everything you absolutely cannot do without early on to ensure that it doesn’t sell out! 

Question 2 - Wait, What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was a term coined in the 60s in America when shoppers would shop the sales the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It wasn’t a complimentary term at the time (and honestly isn’t much better to this day) but it caught on, basically going viral, and is now ‘celebrated’ worldwide by all sorts of companies. In the 2010s as internet shopping was taking off, Cyber Monday was introduced, and it became a 4 day weekend event rather than just being one day. Now though, we are seeing more and more companies engaging in Fake Friday as well, so it seems like we may be treated to Black Friday prices for longer and longer as time goes on. We have a more in-depth blog post about the origins of BFCM (as well as some FAQs put together by our Customer Service team) if you’re interested in the history of it, including some misconceptions about the origins of the name!

What is Black Friday?

Question 3 - What Are Some Products I NEED To Try?

With discounts of up to a massive 70% in our Black Friday sale, we fully understand if you feel a little bit overwhelmed by everything on offer! So here are some things that we highly recommend you to do this Black Friday:

Try a New Lash Glue

If you haven’t used our eyelash glues before, we highly recommend taking our short glue quiz to make sure you’re getting the best lash glue for you. Buying the cheapest eyelash extension glue is all well and good, but it can be super costly in refunded lash sets or in fixes because the eyelash glue you used wasn’t right for you, and resulted in awful lash extension retention for your clients!

Eyelash extension glue on sale for Black Friday UK

High-quality Pretreatment Products

Whilst our 5-step pretreatment routine is the absolute best for amazing eyelash extension retention, we do appreciate that it’s a big outlay if you’re not dead certain it’s the best thing for you and your clients. But once you try it, you’ll be HOOKED - so take advantage now while it’s cheaper! 

Lash supplies on offer for Black Friday deals UK

Spare Eyelash Tweezers

There are few things more stressful than dropping your lash tweezers, so we always advocate for having some spare pairs ready to go, should the inevitable happen (it’s always when you’ve got bookings back to back, isn’t it?) For more info about how you can protect your lash tweezers, check out our blog post here!

Eyelash tweezers on sale in the Black Friday offers

Treat yourself!

Why not take this opportunity to grab a few things you’ve been on the fence about? Not sure you’ll love Premade Lash Fans? Try them! Always fancied the idea of coloured lashes but weren’t 100% sure? Get some! You’ll be surprised which of your clients is the brave one willing to give coloured lashes a go if they know you have some! 

Lash Tech shopping in the Black Friday deals UK

All in all, Fake Friday is a cute way to extend the fun of the Black Friday sales - they do brands a favour by getting our names out there to more customers who might have been on the fence about us, and it does Lash Techs all over the world a favour in allowing them to get all stocked up on their lash supplies just before the busy party season!