Why You Should ALWAYS Take More Eyelash Extensions Courses!

Aside from how fiddly doing lashes is (hands up, who thought it would be easy peasy until they did their first set?) it’s actually pretty easy to become a lash tech - do a course (an accredited one, of course), finish your case studies, pass an exam and hey presto - you have a brand new career and a solidified future. 

If it’s so easy to become a lash technician, why would you bother going to more courses? Seen one course you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! The lash industry is ever evolving so you should be too. While it’s true that classic lashes will never go out of style, techniques change, and it’s never a bad idea to have more skills and treatment options on your menu! 

Just in case you’re sceptical, allow us to take you through some of the TOP reasons that you should be actively seeking out additional lash extensions training courses!

Industry Changes

We’ve touched on this in the intro, but we’ll go into a bit more depth, just in case you haven’t been in the lash industry quite as long as some of us. Back when the lash industry became more-or-less what we know it as today, there was so little in the way of education - lashes weren’t isolated prior to placement, clients were advised against washing their lashes or even getting them wet - to that end lash extensions got a bit of a bad reputation for being uncomfortable or even unsafe. 

Thankfully, education and knowledge has since developed to the point where as long as you take an accredited lash extensions course with a fully insured trainer, you’ll be lashing safely and beautifully for years to come. Could you imagine what the lash industry would be like though, if those early lash techs hadn’t sought additional training, and had kept doing the same things and making the same mistakes?

If we fast forward a bit to 2017. It was known that you had to clean your lash extensions daily in order to keep your natural lashes and your eyes healthy, but it was suggested that you use baby shampoo - yes, it’s gentle and it wasn’t necessarily doing any harm, however it wasn’t designed, developed or safety tested for use on eyelash extensions, which is where foam cleanser came in. 

Using products that are not intended to be used specifically for eyelash extensions, be it your pretreatment, glue, or aftercare sets you up for a potential issue if your client has any kind of reaction or problem with their lashes, as insurance companies have started to become more educated on the process of lash extensions, in the same way that we have. 

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If this amazing wall of (some of) Paulina Zielinska's certificates doesn't inspire you, we're not sure what will! 

Insurance Changes

Like we mentioned above, as the industry has changed there has been a big shift in the way that insurance companies work alongside lash techs. Not so long ago, insurance companies required you to patch test your lash glue on the skin - lash techs fought back, eventually and now the vast majority of insurers require only that you check with your supplier/manufacturer as to the process of a patch test - that’s because (thanks to developments in education) we now know full well that not only are patch tests with lash glue on the skin dangerous, they actually give us wildly inaccurate results. 

It Makes You That Much More Impressive

I don’t know about you, but if someone has one certificate on their wall I know I’m in safe hands; if they have a wall of certificates I’m super impressed! The fact is that different courses offer different perspectives - just because you’re already qualified in classic lash extensions doesn't mean you know all there is to know about single lash extensions - taking an additional course from a different trainer could give you a new hack for isolation that speeds up your work, it could be the thing that really sets you apart from your competition! 

Now consider that each and every trainer has had completely unique experiences - they’ve seen all sorts of clients, they’ve had all sorts of problems that they’ve had to overcome. If you get the chance to train with a highly esteemed trainer, take it! 

Just as an example, check out this certificate wall from our very own Affiliate Lash Trainer Andreea:

Learn New Skills

It goes without saying that if you’re qualified in Classic Lashes, it’s well worth the time and money getting trained in Volume Lashes too - classic lashes will always be in style, but why wouldn’t you want to potentially triple your client pool by being able to offer Volume lashes and Hybrid Lash sets? 

Can’t you just use premade fans? Well, arguably yes, but you still need to know how many lashes it’s safe to use. Plus, don’t you want the freedom of making your own fans by hand? Choosing when to use wider fans, when to use narrow fans, or when to use spikes - being able to make fans by hand basically means you can lash without limits. Any look, and volume, lashes as dense or sparse or spiky or as fluffy as you desire. Really - and our marketing team may have my head for this - there is no substitute for hand made fans! (though of course, I do have to point out that there are extremely good times to use premade fans, and you should check them out if you haven’t already!)

Also consider that if a client can come to you for a range of treatments you’re almost guaranteed their loyalty - why would you go to three salons when you can get a whole new look in one? Branch out from lashes and add brow treatments to the mix as well!

What About Specialist Lashes? 

Why would you not want to get to grips with all the new styles? Offer your clients Wet Look Lashes, Extreme Cat Eyes, Eyeliner Effects, Coloured Lash Extensions - anything and everything can be learnt! And yes, we hear you - those lash maps and that advice is available for free all over the place - we even have blog posts about them! But there’s really no better way to learn than hands on with a specialist - we cannot emphasise enough how valuable high quality lash training is, especially when it’s in person. Plus, you don’t get certificates for reading a blog post about lash extensions (I wish you did), but you do for taking a lash extensions course. 

You Can Charge MORE

We will always be the ones to tell you to charge what you are worth, you know that about us. If you’ve taken more courses you are more qualified and you are held in higher regard, ergo you can charge more for your services. This means that those training courses are also paying for themselves in as few as 5 treatments. 

Overall, taking eyelash extensions courses will always be something we advocate for loudly, and we will always be excited to see where you take your career! Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the game for a while, take this as your cue to book a lash course right now - you will never regret investing in yourself!


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