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Mega Volume Chelsea Lashes 0.05



0.05 Mega Volume Chelsea eyelash extensions are very lightweight and fine lashes suitable for multiple Russian Volume fanning techniques. Chelsea lashes are available in a wide range of curls, so you can choose which look you want to create for your clients! 

Available in both single length trays for the experienced lash tech or salon owner who knows their most popular lengths, and mixed length trays for those new to lash extensions, as it contains our most popular lengths! Mixed length trays are ideal for mobile therapists and lash-preneurs who are just starting out or just want to try our new London Lash eyelashes before committing to LOTS of single length trays! 

Grab a couple of mixed length trays for a wide range of looks so you don't need to carry around lots of different packs or invest much money, or get everything you need in single length trays if you go through certain lengths quickly, and want to make sure they have all lengths available at all times! Single trays are a great investment which end up being more cost-effective in the long run.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the lashes being made by hand, variations in the shape and colour can occur. The 9mm lashes in this batch in single and mix tray have a slightly blue tint to them which is visible under bright lights. 

Product details

  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Soft, slightly matt finish
  • Perfect for mega volume fans up to 12D
  • Easy to fan 
  • Slim, orange strip 
  • Available in the following curls: C, CC, D, & B 
  • Available in single and mixed length trays 

How to use

  1. Cleanse natural lashes and eye area with Lash Shampoo and Protein Pads.
  2. Apply eyepatches to secure the bottom lashes, fix with tape if necessary.
  3. For any stray lashes, use surgical tape to stick them down and secure them in place.
  4. Pull the eyelids gently up to double check all bottom lashes are hidden and make sure your client is comfortable.
  5. Continue with your pre-treatment by applying Pre-treatment Lash Cleanser, followed by Primer and Booster.
  6. Take out strips of lashes from the box, stick them to your lash palette and prepare your jade stone by applying a lash glue sticker on top of it.
  7. Shake your glue by using aglue shaker, grab your favourite pair of tweezers from your tweezer case and you’re ready to begin a beautiful set of lashes!

Product properties

Cruelty-free Heat-resistant Hypoallergenic Latex-free Oil-resistant 100% synthetic fibre Vegan Water resistant
The Vegan Society
Certified by The Vegan Society
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bodacious Lashess
Fans like butter

These are the best lashes I’ve used. They are so light weight and dark, I can create any set.
And they fan like butter🥹

Soft easy to work with

There are good quality and so easy to work with, especially on my clients who have thin Natural lashes . Love them so much❤️

mahsim moradi
Lash extension

Lash glu

My clients love volume lashes and these are perfect

I always buy the mixed size box and honestly will never buy any other brand! I love the finish of these lashes and so do my clients. I'd honestly pay more them, they're such good quality

Thank you London Lash xxxx