Lash Glue/Adhesive Rescue Kit

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Fed up with your adhesive nozzles becoming blocked? 

ALL lash technicians have experienced the frustration of their lash adhesive nozzle becoming stuck in the cap! However what happens when this is the case mid-treatment? You might not always have an extra glue to hand!

Our glue rescue kit has been specially curated to help you out of those "sticky" situations! The kit contains items to help rescue your glue whether you have:

  • Dirty glue nozzle or cap
  • Glue stuck on the nozzle
  • A nozzle stuck to the cap
  • A blocked nozzle!

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Product details

The Glue Rescue Kit contains:

  • A golden cap for the Glue Bottle
  • Red Pin (to clean blocked nozzles)
  • A spare glue nozzle

Two types of kit for:

  • Satin Bond, Flexie, Crystal bond
  • Lady Bond, Power Bond, Royal Bond
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