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InLei® Leonardo Professional Oblique Shaped Brush




Imprecise, messy dye application? Lash lift or brow lamination not turning out as you want? Here is something you didn't consider...

Cotton buds DO NOTprovide the precision and accuracy required when using products on and around the delicate eye area.

The oblique shape of the InLei® Leonardo Brush allows for accurate and precise application of Lash Filler and Brow Bomber solutions, andeyelash tint

The result? Defined lashes and brows that keep your clients returning!

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Product details

  • Made in collaboration with a historic Italian brush manufacturer
  • Oblique shape
  • Brush Handle: made of birch wood with a double layer of silicone acrylic paint. Resistant to water and disinfection. Light and resistant. Nickel-plated brass with double choke
  • Brush Tip: fine, synthetic bristles. Wear resistant, balanced softness
  • Safe to disinfect in the InLei® F Plus liquid.

ATTENTION! Double dipping spreads infection! Use with InLei® ONLY bowl for solutions or dyeing (3 PCS) for BEST industry practice.

How to use

How to clean and disinfect InLei® brushes:

  1. After using the brush, wash it under running water with a neutral soap, to remove the product residue.
  2. Soak the tip of the brush in InLei® F PLUS disinfectant liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse the brush with tap water and dry it well with a cloth or a paper towel.
  4. Leave to dry completely with bristles angled downwards to protect the glue inside the brush, and prolong the life of your brushes.
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