Our Top Tips & Tricks To Lash Clients Who Wear Glasses

Eyelash extensions have become a staple in the beauty industry, providing clients with longer, fuller lashes. However, not all clients are the same, and your clients who wear glasses can face some unique challenges when it comes to lash extensions. As a Lash Tech, it's crucial to understand these challenges and how to overcome them to ensure your clients with specs leave your studio feeling confident and beautiful. In this blog post, we'll explore the common problems that clients who wear glasses may encounter with eyelash extensions and provide handy tips to solve them.

Communication is Key

First and foremost, as with all of your lash extension treatments, you should start by having a thorough consultation with your client. Ask them about their glasses, how often they wear them, and how the glasses typically sit when they wear them. Try to address any concerns they may have about their eyelash extensions interfering with their glasses. During the consultation is also the perfect time for you to communicate with your client about their preferences, what their ideal lash look might be, and for you to assess and convey what lash styling will be practical for wearing their glasses, whilst also complementing and enhancing their appearance. 

The right eyelash extensions for clients who wear glasses

Glasses Interfering with Lash Extensions

One of the most common issues clients with glasses face is finding the right balance between the length of their eyelash extensions and their frames. Longer lashes can sometimes brush against the lenses or interfere with the frames, causing discomfort and smudging. To overcome this problem, opt for shorter lash lengths ranging from 6mm to 11mm, with a strong curl to avoid any risk of the lashes touching the lenses of the glasses. Additionally, you can educate them on how to gently adjust their glasses to avoid any unnecessary contact with their new lashes. 

The best eyelash extensions lengths for glasses

Weighty Lashes and Client Comfort

Glasses already put some pressure on the nose and ears, so you want to avoid adding unnecessary weight with overly heavy lashes. Since eyelash extensions add some weight to natural lashes, this may be a bit more noticeable to clients who wear glasses. The additional weight can sometimes make their glasses feel less comfortable or even cause them to slide down their nose. Choose lightweight lash extensions like Matt Flat Lashes which are nearly half the weight of Classic lash extensions. These lashes will still provide a gorgeous finish for your client’s lash extension set without the discomfort of weighing down their natural lashes. Lightweight, faux mink lashes, such as our Mayfair collection are also an excellent choice when creating lash sets for clients who wear glasses. They're not only comfortable but also look natural. Before your client leaves, ensure they feel comfortable with their new lashes and glasses. Invite them to put on and take off their glasses to test for any discomfort or interference. You can then make any necessary adjustments to the lashes for a happy client.

Lightweight eyelash extensions for clients who wear glasses

What Is The Best Lash Mapping Style For Clients Who Wear Glasses?

Clients who wear glasses may also be unsure about the right lash style to complement their frames. The wrong choice can either overwhelm or underwhelm their facial features. Assist your clients in selecting lash styles that suit their face shape, eye shape and glasses. Subtle, natural-looking lashes are often the best choice for those with glasses, as they enhance the eyes without overpowering the frames. When it comes to the type of lash curls you’ll use, it’s best to stick with ones that have a strong curl such as C-curls or D-curls to avoid the lashes coming into contact with the lenses of your client’s glasses. These lash curls will help to maintain a natural appearance while avoiding interference with the frames. For those clients who desire a slightly more dramatic look that also offers beautiful volume, then you could opt for Easy Fanning lashes or Premade lash fans with CC-curls or D-curls to create a set of gorgeous Russian Volume lashes that will still be comfortable for your client when they are wearing their glasses. Whilst the most complementary lash mapping style for your client will still be dependent on what best suits their eye shape, eyelids, and facial structure, we would recommend that you concentrate on enhancing the central and outer corners of the eyes to create a flattering look that complements the frames. Lash mapping styles like a Cat Eye or Fox Eye are examples of lash maps that accomplish this kind of look and could be perfect for this type of lash set. 

The perfect eyelash extensions curls for glasses

Educate Your Clients About Lash Extension Aftercare and Maintenance

Give your clients some post-lash care instructions. Advise them to be cautious when putting on and taking off their glasses, and to clean the frames and lenses regularly to prevent any buildup of dirt and oils. You could also show them how to adjust their glasses properly to reduce pressure on the lashes and nose bridge or suggest using anti-slip nose pads to prevent their glasses from sliding down. Inform your clients that they need to brush their lashes with an Eyelash Brush and clean their eyelashes daily, and show them how to clean their lash extensions carefully and correctly using a Lash Cleanser and an Eyelash Cleansing Brush. To help with this, whilst also giving your income a little boost too, you could retail to them your own aftercare kit that includes a Lash Shampoo, Cleansing Brush, Lash Brush, and Aftercare Leaflet with detailed instructions. Glasses can also sometimes cause friction with the lashes if your client doesn’t ensure every time they remove their glasses to avoid any unnecessary contact with their eyelash extensions. This being so could lead to slightly faster and premature lash shedding. So make sure to inform them to schedule regular lash infill appointments to keep their lashes looking flawless with amazing retention, and to address any concerns that may arise. Happy lashes = Happy clients!

Lash cleanser and lash shampoo with eyelash brushAs Lash Artists, our goal is to make our clients look and feel their best, and clients who wear glasses can absolutely wear eyelash extensions and look fabulous doing so. Just remember that communication is key – have an open dialogue with your clients to understand their concerns and preferences. This helps to ensure they leave your lash studio feeling confident, comfortable, and beautifully lashed, both with and without their glasses. By understanding and addressing the unique challenges that clients with glasses may face, we can ensure a more comfortable and satisfying eyelash extension experience for them. So, go ahead and make those frames and lashes a match made in heaven!