Introducing Our Brand New Extreme L-curl Lashes!

Are you ready to level up your lash game and give your clients a show-stopping look they won't forget? Well, hold onto your lash tweezers because it's time to delve into the wonderful world of Extreme L-curl eyelash extensions. These beauties are all the rage right now, and they're making waves in the lash industry for good reason. Let's explore how to work your magic with Extreme L-curl lashes and what makes them an absolute game-changer! 

What Are Extreme L-Curl Lashes?

As its name suggests, Extreme L-curl lashes are an L-shaped lash extension. So, if you're a Lash Tech who loves turning heads with your lash creations and leaving a lasting impression, then Extreme L-curl lashes might just be your new obsession! What makes Extreme L-curl eyelash extensions so special? Imagine lashes that seem to defy gravity, with a curl that's practically out-of-this-world. That's exactly what Extreme L-curl lash extensions offer. These lashes are all about drama, with a bold curl that's perfect for those who crave glamour and intensity and want a snatched, lifted look! 

Close-up of Extreme L-curl eyelash extensions

Introducing Our New Range of London Lash Extreme L-curl Lash Extensions!

EXTREME L-curl is the new curl on the block! This on trend lash curl is the latest curl to come to the market in the ever-changing lash industry and offers an alternative to the L-curl. Compared to our L-curl, which has a 100° angle, our new Extreme L-curl lashes have a stronger and wider angle of 130°! Making them excellent for lengthening the outer corners of the eyes and creating that purrfect Cat Eye, bold eyeliner effect, and Wet Look Hybrid lashes that clients LOVE! Our Extreme L-curl lash extensions are available in mixed-length trays of 4-7mm on a 2mm wide strip and 8-13mm on a 4mm wide strip with 16 lines in one box. With a thickness of 0.07, this gorgeous new curl is easy to fan when creating sets of Volume lashes, with Lash Techs able to create 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D lash fans! 

Comparison of eyelash extensions curls

So, Who Are Extreme L-Curl Lash Extensions For?

Extreme L-curl eyelash extensions are developed to provide a wide-eye effect and naturally lift straight natural lashes. They are perfect for providing lift for hooded eyelids since the flat base extends out farther away from the upper lid so that the curl doesn't come into contact with their brow bone like a D-curl might. This style of lashes is also excellent for deep-set eyes and mature clients with drooping eyelids, as these unique lash extensions raise the lash line to give the eyes a bright, vibrant appearance and help to correct very round or bulbous eyes. If your client’s natural lashes don’t have a very defined curve to them, the flat base helps the natural lashes and lash extensions to create a stronger bond better than a C or D-curl lash would, leading to a secure and longer lash retention. However, it’s also important to remember that these lashes may appear unflattering and heavy when used on downward-angled lashes because of their long, flat base.  

Comparison of lash extensions curls for a Lash Tech

Lash Mapping With Extreme L-curl Eyelash Extensions

Now, here's where your inner lash Picasso gets to shine. This trend isn't just about the curl—it's about personalising each set of lashes to suit your client's individual styles. Whether they’re looking for an intense Fox Eye look, a flirty flutter, or something uniquely their own, Extreme L-curl lash extensions offer endless possibilities for expression. When placing these lashes, focus on the outer corners to create that stunning, uplifted effect that defines Extreme L-curl lashes. Experiment with different lash lengths and textures to create unique looks that cater to your clients' personalities. 

The Fox Eye Phenomenon

The Fox Eye lash trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and with Extreme L-Curl lashes, you can effortlessly achieve this captivating look. The key is to strategically place longer Extreme L-Curl lash extensions on the outer corners of the eyes, whilst the shortest lengths are applied to the inner corners, creating a lifted appearance. This technique elongates the eyes, making them appear more almond-shaped. Your clients will love the sultry and confident vibe this style exudes.

London Lash Top Tip: Play with different lash lengths to achieve a seamless transition from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes for that natural, foxy effect. 

Lash mapping for Fox Eye style lash extensions

Mastering the Eyeliner Effect

This lash look will give your clients’ eyes the illusion of perfectly applied eyeliner without the hassle of makeup! The Eyeliner Effect with Extreme L-curl lashes involves focusing on the upper lash line. By placing shorter lash extensions in a precise manner along the lash line, you can create a soft yet defined eyeliner effect that beautifully enhances the eyes. This style is perfect for clients who want a subtle everyday look with a touch of glam.

Lash mapping for Eyeliner look style lash extensions

Striking Arrow Style Lashes

If you're ready to push the boundaries of lash artistry, then the Arrow Style will be perfect. This bold and edgy look involves placing lash extensions in a V-shaped pattern, creating an arrow-like design that points toward the outer corners of the eyes. The Extreme L-Curl of the lashes used will enhance the drama by adding a captivating lift to the arrow shape. This style is perfect for clients who love to stand out and embrace their unique sense of style.

Lash mapping for Arrow style lash extensions
There you have it, Extreme L-curl eyelash extensions are your golden ticket to creating show-stopping looks that leave clients in awe. From their gravity-defying curl to their irresistible drama, these lashes will open up a world of possibilities for both you and your clients and is a lash trend that is definitely here to stay. You'll find yourself creating lash masterpieces that leave clients feeling confident, gorgeous, and utterly transformed. So, get ready to conquer those lash goals, and remember: with Extreme L-curl lashes, the sky's not the limit – it's just the beginning!