Lash Mapping Magic: Halloween-Inspired Eyelash Extensions

It's that spine-tingling time of year again when the air gets chillier, vampires rise, and spooky spirits roam the night. As Halloween approaches, your clients will be looking to elevate their costume game. What better way than by giving your clients a wickedly enchanting lash transformation? We've conjured up some Halloween-inspired lash maps that are sure to make your clients scream with delight! 

Witch costume and pumpkin for Halloween for a Halloween party

Vibrant Vampire Lashes

Are your clients longing for a sultry, vampire-inspired look? Then Vibrant Vampire Lashes will be perfect for them! To create this captivating look, start by mapping out your client's lash extensions in a lash style like Manga lashes. Then, to add that blood-curdling twist, strategically place deep red lash spikes intermittently throughout the set. This look is all about drama and intensity, just like a vampire's allure. The result? A sultry and fierce vampire gaze that's perfect for any bloodsucker! 

Lash mapping for lashes for a Vampire costume

Extreme Creepy Doll Eye Lashes

If your client is going for that creepy doll look, we've got you covered. Extreme Creepy Doll Eye Lashes are a must! Start with a Doll Eye lash map for that wide-eyed appearance, and then crank up the spook factor by adding extreme lash spikes 1mm - 2mm longer than the base lashes. These lash spikes will give your clients an eerie doll-like appearance with a dash of sinister to send chills down your spine! 

Lash mapping for Doll Eye lashes for a creepy doll costume

Bat Wing Lashes

Bat Wing Lashes are the perfect choice for those who want to be an enchanting creature of the night. These lashes are essentially Cat Eye lashes, but with a twist - they're shaped like a bat's wing! Begin with a Cat Eye lash map, extending the lashes outward to create the classic flick at the outer corners of the eyes. Then add 3 lash spikes, starting from just before the middle of the eye and going towards the outer corners. To mimic the texture of a bat's wing, you’ll want to use shorter lashes between the lash spikes in a placement like that shown in our lash map. This look is both mysterious and elegant, perfect for any Halloween soiree.

Lash mapping for Cat Eye lashes for a Halloween costume

Spooky Spirit Lashes

Want to capture the ethereal essence of Halloween? For a more subtle yet enchanting look, our Spooky Spirit Lashes are the way to go. To create this ghoulish look, you’ll want to start off with lash mapping for a set of Wispy lashes. Within your lash map, you’ll then add intermittent sections of white lashes for that ghostly vibe. To add an extra dose of otherworldly charm, sprinkle in some silver lash spikes in the middle of the white lash sections. These lashes will have your clients feeling magical and ready to haunt the night! 

Lash mapping for Wispy lashes for a Halloween ghost costume

Pumpkin Spiced Lashes

Last but not least, for those who can't resist the aroma of pumpkin spice, we present our Pumpkin Spiced Lashes. For this lash look, you’ll again want to start with lash mapping for Manga lashes for a bold base. Then, infuse the set with vibrant orange lash spikes throughout the lash line for a pop of colour to capture the warmth and spice of the Autumn months. These lashes are perfect for embracing the Autumn season while keeping things fabulous. 

Lash mapping for Manga lashes for Pumpkin Spiced lash extensions

Remember, fellow Lash Technicians, these Halloween-inspired lash maps are all about creativity and bringing out your clients' inner ghouls and goblins. So don't be afraid to experiment and customise these lash looks to suit each individual's style and preferences. After all, Halloween is a time to let your imagination run wild! Also, remind them of the importance of lash extension aftercare to keep their Halloween-inspired lashes looking boo-tiful. 

Pumpkins and Halloween decorations for a Halloween party

These Halloween-inspired lash maps will help your clients stand out this spooky season. Whether they're channelling a vampire, a doll, or a pumpkin, these lash maps will have them ready to slay the Halloween scene. Get ready to spookify those lashes and Happy Halloween!

We’d love to see all of the delightful and frightful Halloween lash looks you create for your clients, so don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram so we can admire your creepy creations!