Tricks and Treats: How to Wear Halloween Makeup with Eyelash Extensions


Halloween is just around the corner, and some of your clients might be wondering how they can rock the spookiest night of the year without compromising their fabulous lashes. Fear not, for we've got some killer tips to help your clients slay their Halloween makeup whilst keeping those lash extensions intact for a night of frights and delights! 

Embrace Lash-Friendly Halloween Looks

Encourage your clients to consider Halloween makeup looks that won't put too much stress on their lash extensions. They should think about characters or styles that will allow their lashes to shine without overloading them with makeup. There are plenty of Halloween looks out there that can be enhanced by your client’s stunning lash extensions! 

Halloween makeup with eyelash extensions

Choose Lash-Friendly Makeup Products

When it comes to Halloween makeup, quality and ingredients matter. Recommend that your clients opt for water-based or oil-free makeup products, as these are less likely to weaken the lash glue bonds of their eyelash extensions. Your clients should also take care to avoid wearing any mascara, (especially waterproof mascara!) and heavy oil-based products, as they can be hard to remove and potentially damage the lashes. Oil-based products can break down the eyelash glue, causing the lash extensions to prematurely fall out! Advise them to look for brands that are labelled "lash extension safe" to be extra cautious. 

Halloween makeup for eyelash extensions

Practice Gentle Halloween Makeup Application

When your client is applying makeup near their eyes or lash line, it’s important that they use a gentle touch. They should avoid tugging or pulling on their lashes at all costs, as this can lead to lash loss or damage. Remind them to use a soft touch when applying their eyeliner or eyeshadow, and try not to apply too much pressure. They need to remember that their lash extensions are delicate, and should be treated like the precious gems they are! 

Applying Halloween makeup with eyelash extensions

Say No to Heavy Glitters

We all love a little glitter on Halloween, a little sparkle can add magic to any Halloween look. However, heavy or chunky glitter can be a real lash extension killer! The particles can get trapped in the lashes, leading to irritation and potential damage. Instead, encourage your clients to opt for finely milled, loose glitter, and to apply it sparingly. This will be safer for the eyelash extensions and your clients will still be able to get that spooktacular sparkle!

Beware of False Lashes!

While false lashes can enhance a Halloween look, wearing false lashes on top of lash extensions will strain the natural lashes and can damage the eyelash extensions with the extra weight. If your client is adamant that they want to change up their lash look for Halloween, then you could recommend to them to have a partial lash removal where you can remove some of their existing lash extensions and replace them with Premade Lash Fans for some additional volume or add some Premade Lash Spikes for the dash of drama they desire. Another option could be exchanging some of the current lash extensions to add a pop of colour to their lashes with coloured lash extensions to match their Halloween look.

Premature lash shedding of eyelash extensions

Remove Halloween Makeup Gently

The party's over, and your client is ready to bid farewell to their spooky makeup. Remind them that they shouldn't rush the removal process, and to take their time removing their makeup. Advise them to invest in a gentle, oil-free makeup remover, and to use soft cotton pads to carefully wipe away their makeup, taking great care to avoid their lash extensions. It’s also important for your clients to avoid rubbing or scrubbing off their makeup, and to never rub or tug on their lashes as this can lead to premature lash loss and damage to the natural lashes. 

Lash client removing Halloween makeup with cotton pads

Cleanse Those Lashes!

After your clients have removed their makeup, it's essential that they cleanse their lashes thoroughly using a specially formulated Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Lash Brush. Your clients having a great eyelash extension aftercare routine is crucial for maintaining amazing lash retention, so show them how to correctly clean their lashes with a gentle lather and rinse, making sure to rinse away any residue. They can then delicately pat the lashes dry with a lint-free cloth or let them air dry.  

Lash shampoo and lash cleanser with eyelash brush

London Lash Top Tip: One of the easiest ways you can help promote excellent eyelash extension aftercare for your clients, whilst also giving your revenue a little boost, is to provide your own lash extension aftercare kits that have everything your clients will need all in one place! Some items that you could include in your kit are a Lash Shampoo, Cleansing Lash Brush, Eyelash Brush and an Aftercare Leaflet with instructions they can follow.

Post-Halloween Lash TLC

Once the spooky night is over, some of your clients’ lash extensions might need some post-Halloween TLC. Whilst lash extensions always require some maintenance, they may need some extra attention after your client’s Halloween adventures. Remind them to schedule an infill appointment with you so that you can ensure that their lashes are looking their best and replace any lashes that might have decided to go ghost-hunting! 

When an eyelash extensions infill appointment is needed

With these top Halloween makeup tips, your clients will be able to celebrate Halloween in style without sacrificing their beautiful lash extensions. Remember, it's all about having fun, being creative, and looking fabulous while doing it. Have a spooktacular Halloween, and make sure to tag us in your Halloween lash looks on our Instagram!