How to Become A Lash Tech Part 2 | How Much Does it Cost to Start a Lash Extensions Business?

Before we even list the price of one thing related to eyelash extensions, we will say this: whether lash extensions is your full time job or your side hustle while the kids are at school, or between uni lectures, it can be such a great money maker! We’re putting together this series for anyone who is just starting out in the world of eyelash extensions, whether you’ve just finished your first eyelash extensions training course, or if you’re only just trying to decide whether this is something you’d be interested in. 

Lash Extensions Training Courses

We get it, taking on a new career or side hustle is exciting! There are so many possibilities for growth, both personal and business. But before you even think about which beauty bed and stool combo would look best in the lash salon you’re decorating in your mind’s eye, you’ll need to take a course in eyelash extensions. 

Lash extensions training courses are available in the thousands, and it can be a little bit tricky to really figure out which course suits you and your needs. A London Lash course in single eyelash extensions covers everything from the very beginning in a small class, giving you lots of one to one time with the trainer during the theory and practical sections, so is a great option for those just entering the world of lash extensions. 

A London Lash Classic Lash Course is £330 in our Manchester Academy, or £380 in our London Academy.

Setting Up Your Space

Let’s assume that to begin with, at least while you’re building up a portfolio and a clientele, you’ll be working from home. At the very least, you will need a beauty bed, an adjustable stool, and decent lighting. We also recommend a proper lashing pillow as well as it’s essential that you keep yourself and your clients safe, comfortable and healthy.

Beauty beds and adjustable stools can be picked up on Amazon or eBay for pretty reasonable prices (we’d recommend a height adjustable saddle style stool to keep your spine and hips in alignment and comfortable) and while you can also get a ring light for not too much money from the same places, it’s honestly better to splash out a bit on decent lighting. 

Good lighting is fundamental to eyelash extensions, it can be the difference between perfect placement and no stress, and sets full of stickies and missed lashes. Not to mention the eye staring you’ll get from working in poor lighting, and the fact that your lash photos won’t look as good on your IG feed if your lighting is poor. 

Glamcor have lots of options available, and while £134.99 at least might seem like a big outlay  at the beginning of your career, it’s a really worthwhile investment where your eye health and quality of work is concerned! 

Building Your Kit

If you’ve had a browse through the lash extensions options available in the London Lash store alone, it can feel a little overwhelming getting to grips with where to begin. To put it simply though, you’ll need at least the following:

  • 2x pairs of tweezers, one for isolating the natural lashes, and one for picking up and placing the lash extensions
  • Lash extensions glue
  • Lash extensions for classic lashes, 0.15 lashes are quite user friendly for you, and they will give your clients a lovely mascara effect
  • Pretreatment products, at the very least you'll need foaming lash shampoo, but for the best results we do recommend our 5-step routine (though we do appreciate that might stretch the budget a little in the early days!)
  • Eyepatches & tape

Bought individually, this will add somewhere in the region of £135 to your budget, though we do have kits available which contain these items and loads more, which takes some of the stress and time out of purchasing everything individually and will save you a little bit of money as well. 

All told, your initial outlay for a course and to get yourself set up is somewhere around the £500-700 bracket. This can pay for itself over the course of a few treatments (once you start charging clients full price for your treatments) and keep in mind as well that everything you purchase will last you for a long time, so use for use you’re getting a lot out of everything, and you’re opening up a lot of doors for yourself, just by taking that initial step into a lash extensions training course! 


Did you know if you learn with London Lash that you can use Klarna or Clearpay to pay for your lash courses and lash supplies in instalments? And on the day of your lash course you can buy any London Lash products with a 30% discount, and receive a lifetime student discount of 10%!


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